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East-West Paranormality: Miracle experiences, yogins and adepts, psychics and spiritualists worldwide

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 01 Jan 2017
added 29 Nov 2017
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections

CHAPTER I: Paramhansa and author’s early psychic experiences compared East–West

Paramhansa Yogananda wasn’t his original birth name or later full title. It was Mukunda Lal Ghosh, born of a rather large family like myself. He,... keep on reading


The Orphan Law

by Samantha Stevenson
published 24 Nov 2017
added 24 Nov 2017
Fiction: Young Adult, Law and Politics


‘Goodnight, Daddy.’ Heather hugged her father tightly. He was sitting on the edge of her bed and she was on his lap. ‘I love... keep on reading


Stress Less Live More

by David Schaeffer
published 01 Nov 2017
added 14 Nov 2017
Non-Fiction: Self-Help, Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter One: The Irresistible Challenge

Life without stress would be a very boring affair indeed. Most of us are nervously excited when confronted with an adventure that has a scary side to... keep on reading


Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves

by Dr Mahdi Mason
published 21 Sep 2017
added 07 Nov 2017
Non-Fiction: Nature and Environment, Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter 1

The term ‘Earth healing’ may sound like some sort of ‘out there’ alternative practice, but the truth is, it is for all people. You... keep on reading



by Liam Higham
published 01 Feb 2017
added 06 Nov 2017
Fiction: Comedy, Humor

The two men entered the room, almost reverently. Cigar smoke swirled up and hung lazily in the air. Obviously, the source of said smoke was a lit cigar,... keep on reading


Stories of Adventure and Misadventure

by Shirley Burgess
published 31 Aug 2017
added 26 Oct 2017
Fiction: Anthologies and Collections, Anthologies and Collections


We were on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower.

‘What a fantastic view of New York it is from up here,’ someone said... keep on reading


The Lion TreesContains Adult Content

by Owen Thomas
published 13 Aug 2014
added 10 Oct 2017
Fiction: Fiction - General, Fiction - General

Chapter 3: David

“Who is the most important historical figure you can name?”

They stare at me, bright and twinkling with attention. Soaking me in.... keep on reading


Once Upon a Record

by Geoffrey K. Weule
published 17 Jul 2017
added 05 Oct 2017
Non-Fiction: Biography and Autobiography, Memoir

Chapter 6 - Mixing with the rich and famous

Mixing with the rich and famous.

Rimington Van Wyck Ltd, located at 42 Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, was one of... keep on reading



by Brad Green
published 20 Sep 2017
added 02 Oct 2017
Fiction: Fiction - General, Thriller

Chapter 9

‘What’s our play, Boss?’

‘I’m not sure, Quil,’ Boss replied, rattling his chains. ‘We seem to be a... keep on reading


The Dead of Night

by Jean Rabe
published 15 Sep 2017
added 29 Aug 2017
Fiction: Mystery, Anthologies and Collections

Chapter One

Monday, April 30th


The old man sat in the middle of a bench under a big oak, his shoulders hunched and back curved, reminding... keep on reading


Out of The Blue - Latent Memories Contains Adult Content

by Charlotte Mills
published 05 Nov 2015
added 21 Aug 2017
Fiction: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Romance

Chapter One

Flicking on the light, I stood in front of the mirror observing my unruly, long, black hair. Why had I been blessed with a double cowlick? I figured one... keep on reading


Sable Shadow and The Presence

by William Peace
published 10 Oct 2013
added 18 Aug 2017
Fiction: Inspirational, Religion

Chapter 1 - Rye, NY


My mother always insisted that we go to mass on Sunday, and while we lived in Rye, we went to the Church of the Resurrection.  Even... keep on reading


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