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One Thousand Words Plus is an online preview catalogue of ebooks and print books.

It allows indie authors and writers, as well as publishers, to:

  1. list a book which is available for sale
  2. let people know where it's for sale and where they can find out more about the book or its author
  3. let potential buyers see text from inside the book

It allows potential book and ebook purchasers to:

  1. preview the inside of many different books, all from the one place
  2. click through to view the websites for the book, publisher, author and more
  3. click through to the author's or publisher's preferred purchasing option/s


With automated preview systems such as those on Google Books, Amazon and Smashwords, you (the author or publisher) cannot specify which passages should be displayed and which should be kept hidden from a potential buyer, other than placing a percentage limit on the book. This works differently on different retail platforms and is no criticism of their preview processes. We understand that they are automated out of necessity, hence the decision to develop

With, you (the author or publisher) will be able to choose those parts of each book that you would prefer the potential buyer to see, and reveal those as part of a preview, with direct links to the online retailers where those books may be purchased.

And the bonus is that the text you choose to list here is searchable by Google and all other search engines - helping your chances of getting your book in front of people who may be more interested in what you have to say. Finding your target audience is hard. With One Thousand Words Plus is just got a little easier!


Any self-published or indie author, any traditionally published author, and any publishing house on behalf of an author, may list a book on

So long as you have the right to market that particular book in this manner, then you may list it on

How it works

You choose which words you would like to list – perhaps up to 10,000 words, depending on the size of your book. These do not have to be consecutive words – you may choose eight hundred words from chapter one, a further five hundred from chapter three, and perhaps another twelve hundred from deeper in the book. You should have headings above each excerpt (a maximum of four) to indicate that the passages are from different chapters. You can combine whole chapters or excerpts from several chapters in one section, then the same again for the next section.

You list the purchase URLs in order of where you would most like to direct your potential buyers. Some might wish to sell their Smashwords version in preference to their Amazon version. Others might prefer to sell the Kobo version in preference to their Barnes and Noble version. The choice is yours!

You also get to list other URLs such as your blog, website etc for the potential buyer to access more information about you, your business and your other books.

The rules are:

  1. It costs just AUD$49.95, US$34.95, GB₤29.95 or Euro €34.95 per book for a lifetime listing. That’s right – no annual renewal! It’s a one-off fee for a life-long listing.
  2. The book must be yours or you must be the legal representative for that book.
  3. We recommend that you list at least 1,000 words, and all listings are subject to approval after going live. We aim to approve all new listings within two business days. If your listing is okay, you won't hear from us. If it needs modification we will contact you, and may delist it temporarily or permanently.
  4. You may delete your listing at any time but no refunds are available. Should you wish to re-list your book, you will need to pay again.
  5. Once a year we will email you to check your listing and update any hyperlinks and retail channels. However, it is your responsibility to maintain a current email address attached to your account so that we can contact you. If we are unable to verify ownership of the listing, your book(s) will risk being delisted.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel listings for books which we deem inappropriate. For example, publications which promote racism, violence, child pornography, illegal acts, etc will not be promoted. Should we cancel your listing, you will be given the option to explain why the cancellation should be reversed. Please note that publications which discuss racism, violence, child pornography, illegal acts etc or use them as part of a story line in a fiction setting will not necessarily be delisted. Only those items which actively set out to promote such acts will be delisted. If we delist an item you will not be entitled to a refund. You should ensure that your item will not attract delisting before uploading it. If you are unsure, please contact us first.

Any questions?

Try our FAQ, download our guide to creating your listing (PDF, 1.8MB) or feel free to contact us!