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Handsome Jack: A whizz-kid's StoryContains Adult Content

by Jeff Hopkins
published 30 Nov -0001
added 15 Mar 2019
Fiction: Fiction - General, Drama

Chapter 2 Breaking In

According to the Racing and Wagering Western Australia agreement, which he and his father had signed, Jack Burton’s four-year jockey’s... keep on reading


Whale Rock

by Diana Plater
published 30 Mar 2019
added 04 Mar 2019
Fiction: Fiction - General, Thriller

Chapter Two excerpt

As Vesna awoke and turned over in the crisp, white sheets, she could hear whistling coming from the bathroom and it dawned on her she wasn’t in her... keep on reading


A Hole in My Genes

by Dr Jodie Fleming
published 05 Feb 2019
added 03 Feb 2019
Non-Fiction: Memoir, Health and Medical


I stand at the back screen-door of my childhood home and remember playing rounders with my little sister Kim – she with her dark brown eyes and olive... keep on reading


Playing With DemonsContains Adult Content

by Cally Edwards
published 07 Jan 2019
added 09 Jan 2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Romance



Around 6000 years ago …

“Sir, we still have concerns,” Semyaza said hesitantly, crossing his arms as he... keep on reading


Words for Anna

by Lara Russell
published 09 Nov 2018
added 25 Nov 2018
Fiction: Romance, New Adult


    The door opened suddenly, the hinges creaking. It felt like my heart completely stopped, before, just as I looked up, it fluttered to... keep on reading


The Boys of BullarooContains Adult Content

by Garrick Jones
published 09 Nov 2016
added 10 Nov 2018
Fiction: Anthologies and Collections, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual

Sergeant Jack

I awoke in a panic.

There'd been a sudden lurch, a squeal of brakes, the sound of voices, and loud clanging noises outside the train carriage.... keep on reading


Love is in the AirContains Adult Content

by Susan Artup
published 18 Nov 0005
added 07 Nov 2018
Non-Fiction: Romance, Family and Relationships

Till death do us part

Your wedding story really has to start with my wedding story.

Back in the day I was influenced by Germaine Greer’s book The... keep on reading


Your Roadmap To Achieving Sales Success

by Wayne Moloney
published 24 Apr 2018
added 08 Oct 2018
Non-Fiction: Business and Economics, Non-Fiction - General


There are three essential concepts that underpin this Roadmap to Achieving Sales Success that I am going to introduce to you, and then you will... keep on reading


Turner: Bitter Change

by Bea Cannon
published 18 Nov 2014
added 09 Sep 2018
Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Chapter One: Therapy

I SAT UP SWINGING MY LEGS OFF the cot as I heard the key in the lock. I watched the door open.

Mary Ann came scurrying in carrying a food tray and... keep on reading


A Small Gray Dot

by Bea Cannon
published 30 Aug 2018
added 09 Sep 2018
Fiction: Science Fiction, Fiction - General

Chapter One

“YOU NEED TO TAKE A BREAK, TENN. YOU’RE going to get eyestrain.”

I looked up from my laptop and smiled at Zoni standing there in... keep on reading