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The Pear TreeContains Adult Content

by Sandrick, K.M.
published 27 Aug 2017
added 03 Mar 2018
Fiction: Historical Fiction,




keep on reading


Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 11 Oct 2014
added 05 Feb 2018
Non-Fiction: Mental Health, Self-Help


Dreams have always been a source of mystery and interest. They’ve also been associated with a lot of superstitious nonsense and mumbo jumbo.... keep on reading


Self-Help Psychotherapy

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 11 Oct 2014
added 05 Feb 2018
Non-Fiction: Self-Help, Mind, Body and Spirit


This is the second book of a trilogy or more covering the psychospiritual range, the first being Ghosts E.S.P. & Psychology—my true life... keep on reading


Afterlife; My Amazing Two-way Contacts with (in UK, NZ and Australia)

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 18 Dec 2014
added 05 Feb 2018
Non-Fiction: Spiritual, Philosophy and Psychology


My writing, adventurously woven for first-band freshness and truth around the book title’s fascinating themes, is partial autobiography. As part of... keep on reading


The Promised Land

by Marianne Delaforce
published 30 Nov -0001
added 24 Jan 2018
Fiction: Family and Relationships, Romance

Chapter 1 Crescent Head 1997 Australia

All my life I have felt different. Many times I had looked at the photos of the Italian prisoner of war in my mother’s old album. Each time I was... keep on reading


Lifting the Veil, Raising Consciousness

by Connie Howell
published 30 Nov -0001
added 23 Jan 2018
Non-Fiction: Spiritual, Self-Help

Chapter 1

Many Beings watch over us; we are not alone. Though this may be a disturbing idea for some, on the whole it is a reassuring and comforting thought for me. I... keep on reading


Living Without Justice: Overcoming Sexual AbuseContains Adult Content

by Paul Richards
published 30 Nov -0001
added 23 Jan 2018
Non-Fiction: Biography and Autobiography, Family and Relationships


Being asked to write a foreword relating to Paul’s inspirational journey is humbling, to say the least.

Working in criminal investigations... keep on reading


The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side

by Karen A. Anderson
published 08 Nov 2017
added 12 Jan 2018
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Inspirational

Chapter 1 -Nowhere Else They Would Rather Be

It was getting late, and Bandit nestled into his favorite spot on the corner of the bed. With sleepy eyes, the large cat watched his human mom turn down the... keep on reading


A Place South of Paradise

by John Douglas Gwyn
published 30 Nov 2016
added 14 Dec 2017
Fiction: Fantasy, Young Adult

Part 1

Although his mother Lincel had sent him to bed early, Adan had slept little during the night.  The sounds of battle, terrifying and moving menacingly... keep on reading


The Resurrection Stones

by G J Busiko
published 30 Nov 2017
added 12 Dec 2017
Fiction: Science Fiction, Fiction - General

Chapter One

It was still dark outside when the Abbott awoke with a start. Something wasn’t right, he could feel it. Every morning he rose before sun rise so that... keep on reading