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For authors, writers and publishers

For readers

For authors, writers and publishers

Q. What is One Thousand Words Plus?
A. One Thousand Words Plus is a marketing tool which allows authors, writers and publishers to provide potential readers and book buyers with their chosen sample text and links to their preferred online purchase options.

Q. Why should I list my book on One Thousand Words Plus?
1. SEM - search engine marketing
The text that you post on One Thousand Words Plus is searchable by Google and all other search engines, making it easier for people to find your book. For example, if you write a book about dog training and post sections of your book here which include phrases such as ‘how to train your dog to sit’, then anyone searching ‘how do I train my dog to sit’ will have a chance of finding your listing here. So consider the text from your book and choose sections which may be found by people looking for stories or information in the same field as your book. For an example of a listing which makes great use of keywords, have a look at The Story of Rex of White Way, The Blizzard King at

2. Discoverability
Mark Coker from Smashwords talks a lot about discoverability – the ability for your book to be found. The more places you have your book listed on the internet, the better your chances of someone finding it. However, as your book description will be repeated across the internet in the online retailers, listing it on One Thousand Words Plus gives you the opportunity to have a different set of information about your book to help it to be found. And as you now have a lifetime listing, the chance of your book being discovered here will just increase over time.

3. To help your potential readers and buyers make a decision
Due to necessity, preview software on Amazon, Smashwords, Google Books etc does not give you the opportunity to choose which particular parts of your book the reader sees. One Thousand Words Plus lets you show them exactly what you want them to browse, and hides those bits you want to keep as secret surprises! It’s like a movie preview where the director gets to decide which bits of his creation he wants to tempt the audience with.

4. Direct your buyers to your preferred retailers
Your book may be listed on Barnes and Noble and Kobo, but you would prefer that your buyers go to Kobo rather than Barnes and Noble. On One Thousand Words Plus you can list your book’s Kobo link first, followed by the Barnes and Noble link, so that a reader can choose the link which suits them best, knowing which one you would prefer them to use. Or, you may prefer them to buy from your website, or from Amazon UK – the choice is all yours!

5. Broader marketing purposes
If you want to make a living as a writer, then you have to operate it like a business – and that means marketing. One Thousand Words Plus allows you to list your website, your blog page, Facebook page, Twitter page and more so that you can connect with your fans, and they with you. We also provide a direct linking option through to Goodreads, so if your book is listed on Goodreads, you can let your potential readers know by linking to it from One Thousand Words Plus. You can use One Thousand Words Plus as a catalogue of all your works – print, eversions and POD – no matter which retailers you have them with, letting your fans see how much you’ve created and where it can be found.

Q. What’s in it for the reader?
A. The reader can find all your books in one spot. Some authors have many of their books listed on one site, and many others on another, and there may be overlaps, but they often don’t have all books available from one outlet - so their readers won’t always know all the works they’ve produced! With One Thousand Words Plus you can find all the books your favourite author has written listed all in the one spot!

Readers can also click straight through to Goodreads if your book is listed there, and let their friends know on a variety of social media that they like your book.

Q. What does it cost?
A. Just AUD$49.95, US$34.95, GB₤29.95 or Euro €34.95 per book for a lifetime listing. That’s right - no annual renewals!

Q. Do you have instructions on how to make a listing?
We sure do! Click here to download our instruction guide (PDF, 1.8MB). We recommend viewing this document on a tablet or larger, as some of the details might be a bit small on a smartphone.

Q. What if I change the cover of my book, or decide that I want to direct potential buyers to a different outlet?
A. Once your book is listed, you can log in at any stage and amend your listing free of charge - change your preferred retail option, update the cover if necessary, etc. It’s your listing, you bought it, you may manage it.

Q. So I can just ‘set and forget’ my listing if I want to?
A. Almost. We will aim to send you an email once a year for you to check that your listing is still up to date.

Q. Why do you ask for two email addresses when signing my book up?
A. The one thing about email addresses is that they change. Often. And we often forget how many different accounts we have attached to each email address. We recommend that you take the option to add an additional email address to your account just in case you change your main email address during the course of the year and forget to tell us.

Q. What if my listing is out of date and I don’t receive the email?
A. If we get reports that your links are broken and we can’t contact you, we will remove the listing. If the listing is removed, you will need to relist at a cost of AUD$49.95. This is why we recommend a secondary email address.

Q. Can I list any book on One Thousand Words Plus?
A. You may, so long as it is not deemed to be offensive or promoting racism, violence, child pornography, illegal acts etc.We manually preview all listings within a couple of days of them going ‘live’ and if we feel that your listing and/or book promote items which the general public would find offensive, or items which could end up with us all in a court of law, then we will not list the item.

Should we refuse or cancel your listing, you will be given the option to explain why our action should be reversed.

Please note that publications which discuss racism, violence, child pornography, illegal acts etc or use them as part of a story line in a fiction setting will not necessarily be delisted. Only those items which actively set out to promote such acts will be delisted.

If we delist an item you will not be entitled to a refund. You should ensure that your item will not attract delisting before uploading it. If you are unsure, please contact us first.

Q. What about picture books?
A. One Thousand Words Plus is really a site for people to review text from inside books, and that’s why we suggest listing a minimum of 1,000 words, but if you wish to list text from a cook book, a children’s book or similar, knock yourself out! Post a few recipes, or a whole children’s story - if it helps you sell more books or gather more fans, then that’s great. The only thing is you can only upload one image per book, being the cover - so choose your text carefully!

Q. How do I pay?
A. We use PayPal so you may pay with either your PayPal account or your credit card. The receipt will be in the name of our holding company, Mosher’s Business Support Pty Ltd.

Q. When will my listing go live?
A. Immediately after payment. It may be delisted again if something in it is inappropriate or breaks our rules, but we'll let you know if that happens. We aim to check each listing within 48 hours of it going live. If we’re having a good day, it will be much quicker than that!

Q. Can I log out without finishing my listing or does it all have to be done in one session?
A. Yes - you can log out part way through. Sign up for an account, start listing your book, log out if you get stuck, then log back in when you’re ready to complete your listing.

If you don’t finish writing your listing, don’t pay for it. We won’t even look at it until it is paid for. Once the book is paid for, it automatically goes live on One Thousand Words Plus - when that happens is completely up to you.

Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel my book’s listing?
A. No - sorry! If you decide to pull your book from circulation, and thus remove it from One Thousand Words Plus, there are no refunds payable.

Q. What if I need to make my book unavailable for purchase for a little while, and then list it again, do I have to pay the listing fee again?
A. If you want to leave your listing up but make it unavailable for purchase, simply log in, choose to edit your book, and then delete the hyperlinks under ‘Where to Buy’. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save Changes to this Book’ and the buy links will disappear from your book’s page. Your book will still be visible, but there will be no easy way for your potential readers to buy it.
To hide your book from One Thousand Words Plus for a while, please contact us. In either case, no, you will not need to pay your listing fee again.

Q. Can I use an affiliate link to my book?
A. If it’s okay with the affiliate company, then yes, it’s no skin off our nose, but we strongly suspect that it will be of no benefit to you if it is your book, and it may also contravene the affiliate rules, so make sure of their rules before you do this!

Q. Can I list print books or just ebooks?
A. You may list print books, print on demand books and ebooks. The choice is all yours!

Q. Does my book have to have a minimum cover price?
A. No. You may list free books, and books with any retail price.

Q. Where do I enter my book’s price?
A. You don’t. This site is about previewing - the online shops will show the reader the price.

You don’t need to be remembering to come back to One Thousand Words Plus to change the price of your book if you change it somewhere else. We want to make this as easy as possible for you! If you have an ebook out there on several online shops which you decide to change from $4.99 to $2.99 (or vice versa) you will have enough to do without remembering to change it here, too!

If your potential reader wants your book, then they will make that final decision once they see the price at the retailer.

Q. Where do I put my book's description?
Like your price, you don't. The idea behind One Thousand Words Plus is to give readers a look at your writing, to let them inside the book to see if it tickles their fancy.

If they like your writing, then they'll click through to their preferred online retailer to see what it costs, and to read the book description there. Quite often, a book description doesn’t really encourage someone to open a book’s cover – with One Thousand Words Plus, they’re dropped right into the book, and don’t make a judgment based on what can sometimes be a misleading guide to what the book is about. Your description is about marketing, but One Thousand Words Plus is about helping readers find writers whose writing they like.

Q. Why can’t I list my word count or page count?
Again, the idea of One Thousand Words Plus is to get the reader to sample your writing with as little other influence as possible. If they think the story might be too short or long for their tastes, they won’t click through, and may not even finish reading your sample.

The idea is to get them involved in your writing, without having pre-conceived ideas about price, length, other people’s reviews or marketing descriptions.

Q. What do I do after I enter my book?
Once you’ve listed your book, check your listing. Things you should check are:

If you find any problems, simply correct them, save the changes, and check your book’s listing again.

Once you’re happy that your listing is correct, make a post about it on Facebook, Twitter or your favourite social media hangout space. Put a link to your listing on your website or blog, with an invitation to potential readers to ‘Preview my book at One Thousand Words Plus’.

For readers

Q. What if I notice a book that I don’t think should be listed, or there is something wrong about the listing?
A. Just click the ‘Report this book’ text under the book’s details at the very top of the page. This will bring up a dialogue box where you can give us more information. We will look into it and let the listing party know if we plan to delist the book, or if we think the listing is okay, we will respond to you and let you know.

Q. What if a book’s hyperlinks are broken or don’t work?
A. Just click the ‘Report this book’ text under the book’s details at the very top of the page. This will bring up a dialogue box where you can give us more information. We will look into it and let the listing party know if their links don’t work. If we can’t get a response from them within a reasonable amount of time (say, one week), then we will delist the book.

Q. Does it cost the reader anything to use One Thousand Words Plus?
A. No - it’s free for readers to browse. Bookmark the site for free reading on long train trips, or towards Christmas when you're looking for good books to buy!

Q. Does One Thousand Words Plus make any money when I click on the buy links?
A. No - the only money we make is from people paying to list their books.


Any questions?

Feel free to contact us!