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Walking Between Two worlds, from the known to the unknown
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Spiritual, Self-Help

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Date of Publication: 15 Feb 2017
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Walking Between Two worlds, from the known to the unknown

Connie Howell

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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The aim of this book is to get the reader to look beyond the physical aspects of life and to understand that there are in fact other dimensions that are not visible to most eyes. It introduces questions about Who we are, other than just human beings and explains that we all have an energy field surrounding the physical body and that this is intricate in our overall state of health and wellbeing.

For the novice this work provides concepts to open the mind to other possibilities and for the seasoned spiritual traveller it may expand their knowledge and vision of the depth of consciousness that dwells within us all.

There are visualisations included that are easy to follow with attainable results to help people with issues that may be troubling them and to generally open the mind to greater truths. It proposes that thoughts are things and that we can change our reality by changing the way we think and that far from being impotent we all have the capacity to create better and more enriched lives.

Self-empowerment through healing the self is the paramount theme of this book and its objective is to inspire and engage the interest and willingness to grow and heal the self, which will be the result of reading this book.

The style is easy to read and straight forward as there are no difficult concepts or ideas. It is likely that all who read it will find exactly what they need in order to move forward in a positive and energised way.

What's It Like to be Psychic

Chapter 1:

What’s it like to be psychic?

Some people remember being able to see the invisible worlds at a young age. I don’t have any specific memory of being psychic as a child but I did have a good imagination and I’m led to believe that I talked to myself quite a bit. Perhaps I wasn’t alone after all.

I mainly kept busy doing what children do best which is playing and exploring the environment each day. And by weaving my way through the daily minefield of volatile family dynamics the best way I could.

I regularly had nightmares of vampire-like monsters trying to capture me and suck out my blood which, for a little child, was frightening in the extreme but I would wake up in the morning to see that everything in my world was still there and that I had just had a bad dream. Even though my heart had been pounding with fright it was soon forgotten as the new day adventuring began. Children are resilient and for me that resilience has been a blessing.

As I grew into my teenage years the dreams were no longer of those kinds of monsters but of the devil trying to lure me and catch me by the hand. I sometimes woke up with my hand clenched so tightly that it went numb. In a bid to evade capture and being taken away in my sleep I prayed to Jesus to keep me safe and kept a cross above my bed.

Religious studies at school taught me to be afraid of evil and the supernatural and that in order to be saved and go to Heaven I would have to repent my sins and become born again. If I wanted protection from evil beings I would have to strive to be good and not fall into temptation.

I didn’t exactly know where Heaven was located but I knew that people always indicated that it was high above us somewhere and that the other place was below and had an everlasting fire that tortured souls who had been bad.

During the day none of these things bothered me so much; it was only in the dark and in dreamtime that I would be really concerned. There was something about the dark that frightened me more than anything and I didn’t grow out of my fear of the supernatural and bewitching hours until well into my adult years, and only then because I began to understand that what you fear can become your reality and that nothing can harm you unless you think it can. This knowing was gradual and came with experience and teachings from the invisible worlds that I was originally taught to fear.

I was twenty-eight years old before I had my first conscious encounter with other realities. Having attended my first spiritualist church meeting by invitation from a friend I awoke the next morning to an inner view of my spirit guide. It was an exciting and intriguing event that set me on a quest to discover as much as I could about spiritual and psychic matters. I joined a development group run by the spiritualist church that I attended and I occasionally did platform work which meant that I was one of the budding mediums who would demonstrate clairvoyance by giving messages to those in attendance.

The discovery of spirit and the worlds beyond our normal level of consciousness continues for me even now as there is no end to what there is to know and experience.

In the beginning I felt like a child in kindergarten where new and wonderful things were revealed to me. Then as time went on and I progressed through the different grades of learning and had finished serving my spiritual apprenticeship, I went on to higher education. I compare it to school and university because that is exactly how it seemed to be.

One of the experiences I had taught me discernment. This is a crucial lesson when you are dealing with other realities. With my inner vision I saw a woman whose face was half in shadow. She gave me some information for a friend of mine then laughed as she disappeared from sight.

Being a novice I readily passed on the information which turned out to be completely wrong. I began to think back to the encounter and realised that the first clue that this woman was not giving me true information was that her face was partly hidden, and the second clue was that she laughed inappropriately.

This became a valuable lesson, the impact of which stayed with me for months to come. My integrity and vulnerability were at risk and I felt angry that my guide had allowed it to happen. Of course I realised in time that in fact he had done me a great service by teaching me that not all spirits that come to us have our best interests in mind. The woman that appeared to me was mischievous and, just as it is in ordinary reality, there are honest ones and dishonest ones. In the spirit world, especially in the lower dimensions, there are those who want to deceive.

Being psychic is alluring and heady stuff, so it is important to stay grounded rather than getting lost in the excitement of it all. In time I became less interested in the phenomenon because I wanted to go deeper into the mysteries of life itself, and since I knew firsthand that there were other dimensions and life after death, my real interest was to find out why we come into a physical reality at all.

When I had my third eye opening (the awakening of psychic ability) I was totally unaware that my paternal grandmother had been a psychic and that she used a deck of playing cards as her gateway to receiving information. I was also not aware that she had been a member of the local spiritualist church. While I don’t believe it is a necessity to have a family member that has abilities for you to have them it does seem to be a frequent thing. I have often heard people comment that psychic ability runs in the family.

I believe everyone has the ability to tune in to other frequencies given the right conditions and desire to do so. It is either not recognised or shrugged off as coincidental. You don’t have to be special or gifted; it is the birthright of us all to have these acuities.

When dealing with other realities it is important to have a firm grip on this one. For me, having psychic ability wasn’t the end of the story, it was just the beginning. The spiritual beings that were my teachers knew that I get bored easily, and so needed something jaw dropping to get my attention and to keep me interested enough to move forward. Many people have psychic ability and accurate intuition but do nothing with it other than think it interesting and amusing.

We don’t all have the same path to follow in our development but for me, beyond the initial excitement and intrigue, there was an ever-present drive to know more, to grow in depth of understanding and to be of service.

I cannot switch it off; it is innate, passionate and it is my life. My sense of reality was tested several times during my initiate days and my belief in what I could see, hear and feel as being the only reality became challenged so that I would wake up from the illusion. Many people believe, as I did, that only what can be seen with our physical eyes is there, and that anything else is purely speculative or the vivid imaginings of susceptible and gullible people.

After five years of attending the spiritualist church monthly I left and went my own way. It had given me good grounding and great friends but it was time to move on.

Sometimes we refer to knowing things as a sixth sense, a gut feeling, a hunch or intuition. One of the purposes of being able to see or hear other worlds is to remind us that we are not only human but that we have a spiritual essence that does not die with the physical body and that this essence is immortal, unlike the physical body. Everything on Earth has a life cycle of birth, growth and death and life here is finite.

To be a psychic, clairvoyant or a medium brings with it the responsibility to be honest and have integrity when dealing with vulnerable people who come for answers or reassurance, especially when letting people know that a deceased loved one is still with them in some way.

Many people seek out psychics when in crisis or someone they love has passed away and they are grieving. Others seek help because of some problem they are facing for which they need direction, and then there are those who just want to know the future because they are curious.

I would always tell the latter that nothing is set in stone and that the future is malleable therefore not necessarily certain. Though there may be probabilities, ultimately no-one should rely on what has been predicted to the extent of giving up all other options, even if the prediction is a positive one. There is no guidance better than your own inner guide if you can tap into it.

However, there are many committed and sincere men and women who work as psychics and mediums with the desire to give good service. Mediums provide comfort to grieving people and give proof of life after death.

For me there is no greater guidance than our own inner voice of wisdom. It is great to have fun, get predictions and reassurance but nothing compares to cultivating a direct link that needs no intermediary. This does not mean that I am suggesting that you never seek help but rather that it is good to develop your own ability and go directly to the source to get your own answers. This is empowering and helps you develop a strong link between you and the divine part of yourself.

I sought help from others at times when I couldn’t or didn’t know how to go straight to the source and in my earlier days I took what they said seriously. Some of what I was told came true whilst some did not.

It took me quite some time to feel comfortable in trusting the unknown and unfamiliar world of spirit but when I did I got greater results and smoother interactions with those other world teachers. I let go of the need to know what other people could tell me and I turned inwards to discover a whole new reality and new ways to look at life. I had a driving urge to know more about the nature of life and what its purpose is.

Why are we born only to die after a life of suffering or unpleasantness? This was a question I often asked myself. There were endless things that I just couldn’t get my head around and as with all my intellectual queries I wanted definitive answers.

Letting go of the intellect and need for satisfactory answers when inquiring was hard for me, but it was necessary so that I could connect with my intuitive side and find the deeper meaning that I was looking for.

I also let go of the desire to do readings for other people and instead began to show them how they could find the answers for themselves and become self-empowered, rather than relying on me.

So instead of making predictions for the future I would ask people to look at the beliefs and ideas that could be preventing them from having the life they wanted and together we would explore how to make positive changes that could impact them in a more loving and supportive way.

We all have the answers we seek inside us but sometimes they need to be unravelled. A little help in coaxing them to come to the surface is an advantage so that a clear view of the emotional filters that block the way forward can be seen and the accumulated baggage from life can be dispensed with.

I read copious amounts of books to feed my constant desire to know and I remember a series of four books which spiked my interest beyond most others at the time. They talked about Masters of the Far East who had lived a physical life but who now were in a higher form and could still appear as if they had physical bodies.

These masters could walk through walls and do many other amazing things that we consider impossible. The writer was a reputable man, well-educated and scientific in approach. This series ignited my spirit and the desire to engage with these kinds of beings. I had to wait many years before I began to hear more about ascended masters and who they are.

I believe we all come under the auspices of a master but don’t necessarily have direct contact with them unless they initiate it. One of my first opportunities to see the master that oversees my life was less than satisfactory.

I was in a lucid dream state rather than dreaming in an ordinary way when two males came to me. They took me by the arms and asked me if I wanted to go and meet my master. I was terrified at the thought because I knew that I could not withstand his powerful energy at that time so I declined.

When I came back to normal consciousness I was in disbelief at having refused the offer and was disappointed and regretful at having said no to this privileged opportunity even though I believed I had good reason. I reprimanded myself daily if not hourly for a long time after.

I do believe, however, that if I had been able to be in the powerful presence at that time then nothing would have stopped me from accompanying the two males but I instinctively knew that I needed to raise my vibration much higher to be able to get close to such refined and purified energy.

Ascended Masters are beings who have transcended the limitations of Earthly life and all its vices and challenges and become enlightened. They help humanity directly or indirectly and each master has a different role and area of expertise. All are immensely loving and compassionate and want to serve humanity in the highest way to help all of us evolve. I don’t know all there is to know about them but there are books written by individuals who have had more exposure to them than I have. Explore any self-help or esoteric section of bookshops to find them.

During my years of attending the spiritualist church I had an encounter with three masters who appeared to me, sitting together side by side, in a translucent form. They did not show me their facial details or other distinguishing features but simply said telepathically that they were the council of three and that I was working with them.

I found this intriguing, especially as I had no conscious knowledge of this. I had a sense of who they were but my mind began to question how I could be working with such wonderful beings and what role did I play. Soon after my experience and without any knowledge of my vision, a psychic medium friend of mine rang me and said that I had paid him a visit during his dream state, informing him that I was on my way to a council meeting comprising three other members. He felt that I was the fourth.

I have no conscious knowledge of my work in this capacity but I do trust and allow whatever guidance I am given to be implemented. I suspect that writing this and other books is part of my work as a council affiliate. Perhaps I am one of their scribes and serve as a mouthpiece?

The three beings that I encountered are part of the Great White Brotherhood which consists of masters that work with our world to spread love and wisdom. They understand the rigours and pitfalls of being human so they have great compassion and patience for us.

After I stopped going to the spiritualist church my ongoing journey took me into learning various forms of healing. I had previously done spiritual healing but wanted to broaden my knowledge.

I studied several body therapies including aromatherapy, remedial and Swedish massage and Bowen technique, all of which taught me about the different systems of the body and how they interact. This showed me that the body has an intelligence and innate ability to heal itself but that sometimes it needs a little help from a therapist or medical professional. Other techniques I learned took the form of energy healings, teaching me about the fields of energy around the body and between them the whole of the mind/body systems seemed to be covered.

I studied many interesting methods, one of which was a healing technique that had been channelled from the Chinese Ascended Master Quan Yin, sometimes referred to as the female Buddha. I didn’t have much knowledge about her but was drawn to the beauty of the healing technique and took part with my friend Jane who had also felt the call to learn it. We decided that it would be nice to each have a little statue of Quan Yin for our respective rooms. We found the statues we wanted and were very satisfied with our purchases. Jane said that she had heard that the eyes of the statue could be opened, not literally but spiritually. I put this little thought to the back of my mind for several months, without really giving it much time or consideration. I later discovered a Buddhist monastery close to where I lived and thought that I would go and ask one of the monks if they had heard of this apparent opening of the eyes.

The monk I approached listened while I made my inquiry and then laughed a gut-roaring laugh. He said, ‘It is a statue. You cannot open its eyes.’ I hotly retorted that I didn’t expect it to literally have its eyes opened and departed feeling dejected and ridiculous. Many months later a group of visiting Tibetan monks were due to create a sand mandala in our area and a Rinpoche from overseas was scheduled to give a talk. Not one to be so easily discouraged I decided I would attend and take my statue.

I dragged a few of my friends and my husband along and we sat on the hard floor along with a hundred or so others. The Rinpoche spoke for about twenty minutes and paused while it was translated into English. I moved from cheek to cheek as my backside grew number by the minute and wondered what the heck I was doing there.

A Buddhist monk came by where I was sitting and I instinctively lifted my Quan Yin statue up to him. He enquired if I would like to have it blessed and eagerly I said yes. He placed it on a shrine behind the Rinpoche while the talk continued. I have to admit relief when it was finally over and we could all get up off the hard, uncomfortable floor. My backside is built for comfort.

I retrieved my statue and we got in the car to go home. I felt something rough on the knee area of the statue but without my glasses I couldn’t make out what it was. I was feeling a bit annoyed that it was scratched, even though it hadn’t been handled once it was placed on the shelf, and I couldn’t understand how it could have happened.

My husband took a look and told me that it had the shape of a flower etched into it. My heart raced. I took a closer look and saw that the shape of a flower had indeed been created, as if by magic, and I knew that I had been given my own little miracle because I had stood firm in my belief that something special could occur with my statue.

She still sits on my shelf in my consulting room to remind me of that day. I have had a couple of visions of Quan Yin. She is the master of compassion and mercy. Without prior knowledge of this I had attracted her presence into my life when I called on the angel of mercy and compassion to help me to deal with severe migraines.

I didn’t know if there was such an angel but desperation made me appeal for help and it came from this beautiful master. When you call for help it is heard even if there is no immediate evidence of it.

I have received a few non-materialised gifts from master beings all of which have come through either the dream state or during meditation. The Dalai Lama came to me during a meditation in a workshop I attended and he presented me with a string of prayer beads.

In dream time the avatar Sai Baba (now deceased) gave me a silver locket with Chinese symbols on it. During a six-day workshop on colour therapy I saw the master Kuthumi reflected in one of the coloured bottles that I was working with.

All this may sound like whimsy and fantasy but working within higher dimensions is usually experienced with an altered state of consciousness, not with the rational mind.

I cannot prove any of these things in a logical way nor do I feel the need to. I can tell you that I have experienced them and that far from being someone who escapes into fantasy my feet are firmly planted on the ground. My mind questions the validity of things as much as the next person. I do, however, have full trust in other dimensions because of my interactions with them and through long and varied training.

I have felt the love and peace of beings that I cannot see yet am in no doubt that I have been basking in their energy for a short time. Being healed in whatever way is appropriate for me is a gift that I cherish and don’t take for granted. It doesn’t happen every day, most days are as mundane and ordinary as they are for the majority of us, but I am always aware that worlds can be traversed when necessary.

To enter into other dimensions takes a different state than our everyday rational problem solving one. It happens internally. Everything in the external environment stays the same for me. I leave this time and enter a no-time space where everything is known and possible.

I once felt my spirit leave my body during the period just before falling asleep and was so excited by it that instead of allowing myself to really experience the process of what was happening my excitement brought me immediately back into my body and I couldn’t replicate the experience. The points just before sleep and before waking are powerful and potent times and are when other interactions happen more easily. They are referred to as hypnogogic and hypnopompic states.

The harder I try the less happens for me. When I do have experiences it is because I have let go and relaxed rather than being actively involved. Most of the time my life is as humdrum as the next but I am always aware of the fact that life as we know it isn’t all there is and messages or visits can come at any time, sometimes when least expected.

When my mother was terminally ill with cancer I went over to England to spend time with her. I felt incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to spend nine weeks with her.

My sister visited every day and helped out with what needed to be done for our mother and one evening after I had gone to bed she had an experience in my mother’s room before she left for the day. She told me that a little while after I had retired for the night the door to my mother’s room opened and I stuck my head in and smiled at her. I had no recollection of doing this as I was in bed fast asleep but it proved that some part of us leaves the body at night to go travelling or visiting and healers often work during their sleep time helping others in need.

I cannot imagine life without interacting with the spiritual dimensions and I feel blessed to have been given so many wonderful opportunities for growth and understanding. I don’t know everything and I am not an expert in anything. I have become accustomed to and accepting of not knowing. I simply trust.

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