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Dancing Souls: The Call - Book One
Published in United States
Non-Fiction - Mind, Body and Spirit, Spiritual

Print: 978-0-9964177-0-9
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Date of Publication: 01 Jul 2015
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Dancing Souls: The Call - Book One

Kathleen M. Flanagan

Published by Awakened Spirit Press, LLC

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for Dancing Souls: The Call - Book One


Begin a Journey that Evolves Your Soul to a Higher Level

Face Down Your Demons. And Know You are Never Alone. 

Walk a Path Similar to that of the Spiritual Masters …


… Feel what they must have felt …and confront the same demons that haunted them. After all, even after they became awake and aware of their mission in life – they were still mere mortals. 


You’ll experience such a journey as you read Kathleen M. Flanagan’s authentic and gripping novel …

Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – The Call.


The Ultimate Test …a Mission from the Creator


Walk side by side with, Destiny, as she awakens to her true spirit and accepts a quest from the Creator …a quest that puts her at risk of losing herself forever. 


Chapter 2


You will feel abandoned, alone, and isolated.

Destiny awoke and realized that what she thought was a dream, was not.

She was in a place that was very unfamiliar in her waking state and yet, in her dream state, it was familiar. Destiny was standing next to a man who appeared to be her superior, a mentor. As strange as it all was, she seemed to have a great deal of respect for him. Why was she was in a hospital operating room?

Dorian was his name and he was performing an operation/experiment on the people of the planet. He, and therefore, we had permission from the Creator. Only a few knew what our intentions were. In this experiment, the directive was if it succeeded, no one would ever know the source. It was a covert operation that the Creator had engineered and wanted the results to be unbiased and not influenced in any way.

When the Creator envisioned this, he knew that the success of the experiment would need to be known only to those he most trusted—those who would be involved in Destiny’s journey. He had to know that no matter what happened, they would never disclose the operation, at least until it was at a point of no return.

As he thought about the great sacrifice this would entail on the selected Angel, he needed qualities of total devotion, someone who would think it was the greatest adventure ever. Yet, the Angel selected must be someone who loved the people of the Earth as much as he did. They would need to be very strong, powerful, willing to die, be tortured, abandoned, betrayed, ridiculed and know deep within their heart that it would be a lie. Angels he would choose from had to be at the top of their game and ready to take the greatest test of all—the—the reward of becoming a Creator.

Who is ready for the ultimate test? thought the Creator. Who is willing to sacrifice themselves if need be? Who would be willing to have their DNA and memory altered to ensure the success of this grand plan?

The Creator discussed it with his Wife/Mother/ Goddess Creator, wanting the parties to be balanced in their yin/yang, masculine/feminine energy. Each needed to be both mature and childlike, the fool and the magician, the queen/king and peasant. Kindnesses, being compassionate, loving, gentle, aggressive, strong, proud and humble were all essential attributes.

The Team

As the Creator surveyed his options, a few select Angels met these criteria. Of those considered, only Destiny, Dorian, Aros, Michael, Ariel, Rafael and Gabriel were called.

“Welcome,” the Creator greeted them. “As you are aware, there is unrest occurring in the galaxy due to the Draconian race, and I have come with a plan that I believe can bring peace once and for all. This plan is designed not to interfere with anyone’s right of free will. It is a deeply embedded, covert operation which will require and demand the impossible from you. If the plan is successful, there will be peace in the galaxy. You will be elevated to Creator status and revered for all time for the great sacrifice you endured.”

The Team was very excited. They all wanted peace and they could see that Mr. and Mrs. Creator were under incredible duress with the unrest, nastiness, and selfishness from the Draconian race. Each could easily sense the level of stress that the Draconians had introduced to their once peaceful environment.

“Before you get too excited, you need to hear the plan,” stated the Creator. “What I am about to tell you will never be known outside this circle. If you choose not to participate, that is your choice. You will erase this conversation from your memory, never to be mentioned again. If you do mention it, there will be no validation of what is said. Business will continue as usual. Do you all agree?”

Everyone responded with, “Yes!”

“Very well.” continued the Creator. “This plan, we believe, will bring peace to the galaxy. Those who are in power, 

“who are trying to destroy everything, will have no choice but to surrender.”

“Only you know of this plan; no one will know what you are doing. They will not understand what you do, and in addition, two of you will have complete memory loss. Of the two who have a memory loss, the others will question your motives and actions if and when you ever meet again.”

There was silence in the room; the Angels looked amongst themselves, exchanging glances—they could not imagine what was in store for them. All they knew was that this was huge and whatever the outcome, it would change everything for all time.

“Are you still in?” asked the Creator.

They all responded again with a resounding, “Yes.”

“There is no obligation for you to do this. If you wish to leave, you may.” None did.

Mr. and Mrs. Creator were very moved at the confidence and assuredness of their carefully chosen team that their hearts increasingly expanded with love.

The Creator said, “It will be up to the seven of you to decide which two will embody into human form. The five remaining will always be at their sides guiding, assisting and creating the events to unfold without interfering with the physical forms’ right of free will. There will be times that you will be upset with each other—that the task will seem to be overwhelming. You will feel abandoned, alone, and isolated. You may even get upset with each other.”

“You will have to overcome your own doubts and remember the bigger picture. It is to reach the “human” embodiment of your team who will have nothing but an urge deep inside them to keep moving forward—with no memories, no knowledge.”

“It is time; we will end now. Decide who will take on the human forms. Speak amongst yourselves and decide the roles you each wish to play. We will meet again in the morning. No one is to know anything about this.”

Mr. and Mrs. Creator then vanished.

Chapter 3


They would be there in helping the Earth

in whatever was needed …

The team members met on a moon beam in another realm where they could focus and understand the depth of the mission. Excited, they knew that they had to grasp the gravity of the situation and understand what it might entail. Each knew that they did not understand the full extent of what was to come—just that it was something big, very big. It was a test in trust, love, loyalty and greatest and highest good for all concerned.

Once everyone was settled into an individual, peaceful place, the discussions began. Of the seven gathered, two had been in human form; three had touched the Earth; one had never touched the Earth and one was not of this galaxy, Dorian. He had, however, been on the Earth one time.

Destiny elected to physically embody.

His mission was highly classified; no other members of the team knew of Dorian. Neither did they know of him or acknowledged him. Why the secrecy? Because that was part of the plan.

Destiny elected to physically embody. She thought it would be fun to be on the Earth. Aware that she would have amnesia, she knew she had a strong resolve and that she would listen to her silent voice. Her attributes were kindness, gentleness, loving compassion for all. She was empathetic and could hear, see, feel things beyond the physical realm. Destiny believed that those attributes would keep her in touch with the team members near her who were in non-physical form.

Aros was surprised at Destiny’s gentle loving nature and knowing full well that she would need help and protection, elected to come to the Earth and help her both at her side or from afar.

Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Ariel chose to be the Earth Angels part of the team. They would be there helping the Earth in whatever was needed and to aid Destiny and Aros. They would never leave their sides and would push, speak and arrange the events from the higher realm.

Almost invisible in his presence, Dorian remained silent and listened. Finally he chose to participate on an even higher level than the Earth. He sensed that the Creators had something in store because it pertained to a planet that was becoming a parasite. The Draconians on Earth kept wanting more and were willing to destroy everything to have it all. Dorian appeared to be removed—he was not like them. His world was like none that the others had known.

With that, they all went their separate ways, knowing that in just a few hours, they would meet once again.

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