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The (In)Elegant Struggle of Breaking Paradigms (or Back in OC: Almost Homeless)
Published in United States
Fiction - Anthologies and Collections, Spiritual

Print: 978-1537740430
Mobi: 1537740431

Date of Publication: 30 Nov -0001
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The (In)Elegant Struggle of Breaking Paradigms (or Back in OC: Almost Homeless)

D. Helene

Published by self

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Populated by a cast of zany characters, including an embezzling minister, a vegan bully and a wannabe musician, this novel follows main character Toni Kelly as she tries to navigate a thicket of crazy living situations in Orange County, CA. This novel is the sequel to Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Self Expression. Like the first novel, it's set against the backdrop of OC and features several of the diverse and beautiful places here.


In most every room in the Extended Stay Hotel in Newport Beach is a painting of a red gate leading to a lovely garden. It’s a portal, you might say, from one place to another. And little did I know how many places I, Toni Kelly, would be moving in and out of, upon my return to OC. My boyfriend, Simon, and I split up geographically in 2013 due to financial difficulties. We gave up our apartment in Dana Point. I manifested a $500 room for him in Laguna Beach through my massage therapist. And, I decided to head up to Northern California to see what opportunities would present themselves there. I reconnected with a friend in Santa Cruz that just happened to be going out of the country for a year and needed a house and dog sitter. After thanking God profusely for this good timing, I moved into her house, took care of her dog, Lucky, and enrolled in a yoga-teacher-training program on a scholarship. I was able to finally publish my first book — a biography about someone I found inspiring. I can’t say I’ve become a millionaire. Far from it. I get a few bucks in royalties every month. After exhausting months of a seemingly never-endless job search — in both Northern and Southern California — I was finally offered a tutoring job back in OC. It’s not a writing job, so I’m a little bummed about that. But I love working with kids. And I’ve been a tutor before I even lined up a place to stay for a few months with a friend. Everything seemed to just fall into place. But like so many things that appear solid, it soon became apparent that they were comprised of quicksand, dark energy and controlling tendencies that I had not seen the like of in quite some time

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