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The Fethafoot Chronicles # 3: The Contest
Published in Australia
Fiction - Indigenous Australian, Historical Fiction

Print: 978-1925595994
ePub: B00U1QG17Y
Mobi: B00TEGLW3K

Date of Publication: 10 Feb 2016
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The Fethafoot Chronicles # 3: The ContestContains Adult Content

Pemulwuy Weeatunga

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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The Contest Australia, approximately 2020BP: this year’s annual fishing contest heralded the start of the celebrations for the tri-annual Bunya-nut harvest. People came from all over the east coast to meet old friends and extended family and to compete. Walking south from Darumbal lands along the coastline of present day Queensland, Jundabara, his wife Niyola and Wogwun arrive to find that all is not as it seems on the surface. After several outlandish confrontations with shameless, the family must decide what is most important to them: their family, the contest, or resolving several major dangerous issues for the local elders that manage the huge gathering.

Chapter 1: the middle-east around the same time...

Around the year 2020BP, far to the northwest of Heart-Rock Land, as Australia was known to my people then, the early colonisers of the arid, semi-desert lands around the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf had begun to form into the Jewish and Arabic nations. At that time - and right across their lands they were beginning to hear rumours of a new spiritual leader in their eastern world: an enigmatic spiritual leader, visionary and miracle worker. He was, it was said, a young, brave and perceptive youth from Nazareth - a small village with a similar population to a full aboriginal Tribe in Heart-rock land around that same time. The old City of Nazareth of that era was set in a valley - though still equidistant to the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee, as is the modern city today – and its original position fulfilled the ancient prophecy, of where their land’s liberator would be born. This rumoured, divinely appointed Prophet was whispered to be the Messiah: the long-awaited ‘anointed one’ who would finally end the tribal wars amongst all the tribes of the region. 

Ch1 p.3: same time in Australia

Now, into this notable cycle of time - around the time when the apprentice carpenter, Jesus of Nazareth had matured and begun his own spiritual journey - and as Christianity begins to unfold its message in horror and his death - humbly steps this chronicle’s Fethafoot warrior, Jundabara: a strong and proud Heart-rock warrior, who simply lives his religion daily, through his Dreaming, or Tjukurrpa - an Arrente aboriginal word which means - The Dreaming, but also means - to See and understand the Law. The Yidinjdji warrior of our story however, is not concerned at all about Jesus of Nazareth, or whose god is right, or wars, or fights or arguing about anything at all. 

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