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The Fethafoot Chronicles # 9: 9: Pallida mors nigrum linea: Pale death black line
Published in Australia
Fiction - Fantasy, Indigenous Australian

Print: 9781925447064
ePub: 9781483556512
Mobi: 9781483556512
PDF: 9781483556512

Date of Publication: 17 Jul 2015
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The Fethafoot Chronicles # 9: 9: Pallida mors nigrum linea: Pale death black lineContains Adult Content

Pemulwuy Weeatunga

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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for The Fethafoot Chronicles # 9: 9: Pallida mors nigrum linea: Pale death black line


Tasmania - ‘Trowena’ - 1830 AD:

     Identical twins, Sonni and Bobbi were having the time of their lives. They were the youngest in a family of six and their parents were at an afternoon ceremony, being held at the top of a thickly treed hill close by. On that day playtime was stopped by the sight of the rumored Ghost invaders. At that moment the twins’ slow-lived harmonious lives changed speed forever. The Clan’s choices became as black and white as the skin of each race met. Once again, in the long cycle of Trowenian Dreaming, Nature’s harsh rule of law was applied to the people and the land: adapt swiftly or die underfoot it advised. The highly adaptable Fethafoot Gyor-bun, is sent from Uluru to Trowena to ensure a certain family’s survival. He discovers that even after large-scale calamity and numerous senseless deaths: as happens frequently in Nature; destruction laying waste to life and limb is always followed by regrowth and new life.

Prologue: Heart-rock, Ayer's Rock, Uluru

     An eerie burst of luminous radiance lit up the desert night sky around the red-rock monolith near to the centre of our great southern land: a large exacting continent celebrated by its resilient inhabitants as the great rock’s namesake. This ancient stalwart was a natural monument of such majesty and size that the great expanse of land surrounding it was known to its native people and northern trade neighbors, simply as: Heart-rock Land.

The extraordinary light show above the massive landform transformed rock, sand and stunted trees around it into a weird silvery- blue hue that had warriors, women; young and old alike transfixed, as they gazed uneasily at the eerie light that flickered across their bodies and over the alien-like landscape; that only yesterday had been their familiar comfortable homeland.

Before the people there could react at all, an awful turbulent wind rose up – a live thing, overflowing with dry whispering ancient voices, deep rumblings and unfamiliar shrieking animal calls. It blew hard over the Heart-rock and surrounding lands. It blustered and roared with a wretched might on and on through that night, forcing curious heads under cover and out of the biting blinding sand-dust that accompanied it.

p.46: an improbable friend

Don’t grin!

     At the sound of its name, the animal 'grinned' and stepped closer. Both children threw themselves backward onto the ground, still facing with wide-eyes toward the smiling animal and to the delight of the warrior and their mother. In smiling, its mouth opened impossibly wide. Then the big Lagunta stepped fully into the open, directly before the sitting dumbfounded twins. Now also, the stripes on its back could be seen clearly. It was a male in its prime and, a large healthy animal, as big if not bigger than the largest one that Walyer had ever seen in her life – and usually, only from a distance: they were extremely shy creatures around two-legs like them. It walked stiffly up to the children who were both still sitting on the ground like dolls with their mouths open, and one small hand each reaching out as if to ward off evil or to stop the animal from eating them. Walyer watched amazed as the animal sat down and pushed its head forward, first at Bobbi then at Sonni, rubbing its head against their small bodies like it was scratching softly against a tree. As Bobbi reached out and began to scratch its round furry ears, the animal huffed with content. It again opened its mouth so wide that both children could see most of its pink gullet. A cheeky Sonni leaned forward to peer down inside its throat, but when he spotted the size of its sharp teeth, he quickly sat down and began to scratch the animal under its chin again. The big Lagunta lifted up his head to allow better ease of scratching, while it whimpered in pure doggy pleasure.

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