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The Fethafoot Chronicles # 10: The seventh veil
Published in Australia
Fiction - Fantasy, Indigenous Australian

Print: 978-1925447071
ePub: 9781682225134
Mobi: 9781682225134
PDF: 9781682225134

Date of Publication: 06 Nov 2015
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The Fethafoot Chronicles # 10: The seventh veilContains Adult Content

Pemulwuy Weeatunga

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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Earth, Australia, tomorrow:

     from all over the known world, wrinkle-skinned old sages - some from ancient sects unheard from for generations, have begun speaking out. Acquiescent with the fact that they will be ridiculed for the message they bring to the modern world, they step forward into the camera’s lights and give warning of a dream – a common dream-vision. Predictably they are ridiculed. In the land down-under - Australia, Pem Weeatunga is happy as a Pig in shit! Pem watches Space and its beautiful though lifeless citizens. Unknown to him, the Fethafoot Clan of his ancient people have supported his people to survive six major calamities over 50,000 years and will be asking for his help. The bright young Astrologer-scientist has a part to play in his people’s adaptation and survival of the 7th event. Caught up in a believe it not race through his country, Pem soon finds that travelling with a genuine Fethafoot, through a pre-apocalyptic down-under toward a coming unstoppable worldwide catastrophe, is not the least of uncanny phenomena to occur when the enigmatic Clan are involved in the end of the world.

Prologue: In the beginning

Though weightless, the immense lump of primordial rock seemed to lumber its way through the deep cerulean space it rolled through so leisurely. Its eons-long circuit had occasionally feathered the edges of our own exquisite galaxy as it orbited its Sun, along with its time-wrought and sundry smaller peers. However, for the past 10,000 years, this particular ancient remnant – spat violently from between the birthing thighs of a brand-new solar-system – had gradually moved away from its rolling swarm of ancient debris and escaped its birth-assigned route.

p.10: time is relative

On Earth, another thousand years went by before the space traveller entered our solar system and advanced unerringly along its pristine trajectory – too far to be detected as yet – toward the series of eight planets that sit out from, and ring our own bright young Sun: the god- like centre of our own relatively small solar system. As with all large freewheeling space rocks, meteorites and asteroids in space, this large aggregate of star and space-matter, followed a trajectory as relentless and unstoppable as the fabricated Greenwich Mean Time and the Earth’s own, moon-related tidal movements.

p.249: Green-eyed monster in a dry red land

“Julia Creek will be coming on soon,” Pem said casually to Karen, but instead of a nod or thanks for the update, she gave him a literal green- eyed glare before she turned back to the road huffily, gripping the wheel with a murderous strength that tore the soft, worn steering-wheel cover where she gripped it. Beside him, across the aisle, Karra suddenly burst into laughter. “It’s the name of the next town, not an old girlfriend he’s bringing on board, Karen,” he said, cuffing his relieved ignorant friend lightly on the shoulder.

“I knew that, of course,” Karen replied red-faced, obviously embarrassed for publicly staking her claim on Pem without thinking. Pem moved up close behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder as she drove. Her own hand went back to cover his and they travelled that way in silence for a while, both content to be claimed.

p.394: Murphy's law stronger than gravity

A worldwide calamity coming, an unknown and lethal virus spreading globally – and someone explodes a nuclear device at the borders of God’s chosen and one of the poorest, ever-warring areas on the planet: just to ensure we dot the I’s and cross the T’s of the destruction of our race! Pem thought angrily, frustrated beyond measure at some of his race’s stupid adherence to blind hatred in the face of the coming worldwide devastation. “Way to go boys!” he said with an edge of sarcasm. “As if we needed nuclear radiation fall-out, to add to the bloody mix!” Pem was fuming at the stupidity of the ignorant – ‘live for today’s revenge’ – bloody religious fanatics, though Pem knew he and Karra had done all they could, from where they were.

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