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In the Beginning
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Date of Publication: 15 Sep 2017
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In the Beginning

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The origins of Judeo-Christian religion and mythology come together in this mature science fiction page-turner. 
To combat overpopulation on the planet Orion, the government releases a birth control virus to keep women from becoming pregnant. Only the brightest and most attractive of their species are allowed to mate. But the virus rages out of control, killing both mother and child. Attempts to develop a cure fail. They only have one option left: search other worlds for advanced societies that may be able to help.
The two most intelligent minds on Orion—and former best friends—Lucifer and Zues band together to search for a secret planet. When they finally arrive, they are greeted with unexplainable death and destruction. This planet is not the answer. Something doesn’t add up. They discover an extra unknown planet in the solar system.  
The new planet is covered in lush land masses and bodies of water. Different species of hominids run—and mate—freely. Fire-breathing dragons guard the land. Lucifer is determined to figure out who or what created this planet. He thinks it just might be the key to saving Orion and the Orionites.

Excerpt 1

Visibly shaken, Zues stood up. He took out his chi seeds and popped a big wad of them into his lip. He regained his focus and looked at Luc. “Are there any people down there?”

“It depends on what one would consider to be people, sir,” Luc replied.

Zues motioned for him to continue. “Can you elaborate on that statement, Colonel?”

Both men sat back down at the briefing table. Luc pulled out some more pictographs and continued. “We have been able to identify over eight hundred different hominid species presently on this planete, and we’re finding more every day. All of them seem to be in different evolutionary states. Of these eight hundred, two hundred of them are entirely bipedal. Take this species for example.” Luc pushed one of the pictographs over to Zues for him to study.

Zues’s eyes again widened in awe. “Christ on a cracker, Luc! You’re doing this to me on purpose!”

Luc smiled and started giggling. “I thought you’d like that one, sir. As you can see, this species is on average nine to ten cubits in height. It’s completely covered in hair and has very long arms and massive, massive feet. This hominid is so powerful that it will tear a moderate-size tree completely in half. For some reason that we have yet to be able to discern, it will then take the top half of the tree and begin to bang it against the base of the tree, causing echoes to sound throughout its territory. Could be a warning; might be a mating or communication call. We just don’t know.

“They do not appear to have any type of speech, but they are highly intelligent. They are solitary creatures, most likely nocturnal, extremely elusive. We have not seen them interact with any species of animal on this planete except for their own. Take a look at this close-up. In it, you can see massive canine teeth that are perfectly suited for a carnivore. However, these creatures choose to eat only berries. They do not hunt. They seem to know which berries they can eat and which ones they can’t. All they do is stay in one place, hiding in their habitat and eating berries all day. The only time they move is at night, when they forage for their berries. These things are so elusive that without high-resolution probes we’d never know that they were there at all. I’d estimate that, for a breeding population to exist, there must be between eight and ten thousand of these creatures present on the planete. We have only been able to identify one hundred different animals so far.”

“Thank the heavens that they only eat berries,” Zues muttered.

Luc laughed some more at Zues. “I know, right? These things would even be able to take down Behemoth or his brother, Leviathan, if they wanted to.” Luc then pulled out some more pictographs and gave them to Zues.

“Now in contrast to the massive, big-footed beast, take a look at this hominid species. It is essentially half the size, five to five and one-half cubits in height. It is still completely covered in hair, but its proportions are closer to those of a human. It would still be incredibly strong, much stronger than you or me. It is thick boned, compact, highly muscular, and robust. You can see on the face its prominent browridges and this jaw that juts out, giving it the appearance of having a sunken-in face. It has a moderate-size cranial capacity, which indicates a moderate-size brain; however, its behavior doesn’t really correlate to its proposed brain size. They live in social groups, but they mostly just hunt and gather. There are no permanent settlements, cultivation of crops, or technology of any kind, as there should be with a brain of that size.”

Luc gave Zues another pictograph. “Now I want you to take a look at this specimen. As you can see, it is almost completely hairless. Just a little on the top and a little on the bottom. It is on average taller than the last one and actually has a slightly smaller brain capacity. They also live in social groups; there seems to be a social hierarchy and a leader. Some of them have created permanent settlements, and those ones seem to plant and cultivate crops. Some of them continue to live a nomadic lifestyle, depending on the season. They do have speech and some very rudimentary forms of writing, I would guess. Their teeth seem perfectly suited for them to exist on a vegetarian diet; however, they choose to hunt and kill and eat other animals. They then strip the animals of their fur and place it over their own hairless bodies for warmth. Again, nothing about any of these creatures makes any kind of sense. If you were to call any of these animals on this planete people, it would probably be these hairless ones, but that’s a very big if, sir.”

Luc handed Zues yet another pictograph. “Now take a look at this specimen. It is slightly taller than the creature with the prominent browridges and slightly shorter than the hairless hominid. Its body is covered in a moderate amount of hair. It is a—”

Zues cut Luc off and finished his sentence for him. “Hybrid.”

“Exactly,” Luc confirmed to Zues.

“These two species have been interbreeding,” Luc continued. “There is absolutely no way, even for me, to be able to tell which species were originally here, which ones were placed here, or which ones have evolved here, if any. There are too many species, too many hybrid species, too many variations of species, and the planete is simply way too large. It’s a hot mess, is what it is. There are so many different and varied species of fish in these seas that you could spend a thousand life cycles trying to sort through them all and you’d never even get close to getting through all of them. I never imagined that such a place could exist. It’s like it’s some kind of a—”

Zues cut Luc off again and finished his thought for him. “Wildlife preserve.”

“You are once again correct, General,” Luc said to his old friend, smiling slightly, proud of his friend for being able to put all the pieces together. “That is exactly what it is. It’s an enormous artificial wildlife preserve specifically created to house every living creature that has probably ever existed in the universe. It’s a giant zoo, and those flying beasts were put into place specifically to keep the animals within their natural habitats. It’s the most incredible feat of engineering that I have ever seen, probably the most incredible thing that has ever been done.

“One thing is for sure, though. It was done deliberately. It’s not natural, it’s not normal, and it’s not right. Some people did this. I don’t know why, but they did. I know that they have to still be here somewhere, and I’m going to find them. I’ll be able to talk to them. They’ll recognize the fact that I am not an animal like the creatures on this planete, that we are not animals like the creatures on this planete. Once I make contact and explain to them our situation, they will help us, and I will save our people. We will save our people.”


Excerpt 2

Hippolyta cleared the launch tube and dived down into the planete’s atmosphere. It only took her a few seconds to begin to get a full view of the alien planete. She had heard the rumors that this planete wasn’t actually a planete—that it was artificial or something like that. Sure looks real to me, she thought as she made her approach. The closer she got to the actual planete itself, the more amazed she became.

This place is huge, and it’s gorgeous. It’s perfect. No pollution, no buildings, nothing covering up its inherent natural beauty. It is too perfect; maybe this place isn’t real after all. It’s too good to be true, too beautiful to have just happened by chance.

She found herself completely mesmerized by the incredible landscapes, gigantic bodies of sparkling blue water, and enormous amounts of vegetation existing all over this untouched planete. Then as if out of nowhere, she saw it. Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! It was one of the gigantic flying beasts that were supposedly capable of breathing fire or something like that. She had been briefed on their existence. She had even been shown pictographs, but she quickly realized that until this very moment, when she was seeing one of the great beasts with her own eyes, she hadn’t really believed it.

She brought her Vimana to a complete stop and hovered in midair, not moving at all. She knew that she was in no real danger. Her Vimana was cloaked, and the miniature arc-core power source that Vimanas used was completely silent. Flight operations of Vimanas in general were completely silent. There was no exhaust or propulsion system to speak of. Vimanas moved air and space around them; they didn’t actually move through air and space, although it seemed as if they did.

“What a majestic creature! Hera, help me!” she heard herself say. Hera was Hippolyta’s grandmother. She was the greatest female warrior in Orionite history. So great, in fact, that the Orionite government deemed her worthy of deification. Hippolyta knew that it was disrespectful to say her grandmother’s name aloud since she had been made a deity, but when she was alone, where no one else could hear her, she often did. It just made her feel better.

For a few moments, she sat there completely still, in wonderment of the sheer power and grace that the creature possessed, and then said to herself, “I am going to have to go in for a closer look at this magnificent beast.” Hippolyta moved her Vimana slowly toward the creature. She was able to match its speed and came up along the side of the winged beast.

It looks like it has armor plating on its chest and head. I’d like to see it shoot some fire out of its mouth, as Mikael said it could, she thought.

Then suddenly the beast flipped end over end and turned toward her ship. Hippolyta brought the Vimana to a complete stop and didn’t move a muscle. She was holding her breath, she realized. It appeared as if the creature were looking directly at her. What the fuck? There was no way this thing could know that she was here. She was completely cloaked and completely silent. And that was when it came.

Hippolyta got her wish as a gigantic superhot blue-and-white ball of fire shot out from the creature’s mouth and totally enveloped her Vimana. “Fuck!” Hippolyta screamed as her Vimana began to plummet toward the surface of the planete. She attempted to regain control of the craft, but her flight systems were not responding. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the craft began to come back online, and she was able to reestablish control of the ship.

“Holy fuck! How did that thing see me? Must have some kind of infrared vision or some bullshit like that. That’s fucked up!” she said as she evened out her flight path. She got on the horn and spoke into her comm unit. “Olympus actual, this is Sergeant Hippolyta requesting immediate assistance. My ship has been damaged, and I may not be able to make it back into orbit.” She waited for a reply for one second, two seconds, three. “Olympus actual, please respond and advise.”

There was no answer.

“Oh, this is seriously fucking great. Fireball must have fried my communications array. Shit!” She continued on her flight path and tried to decide what to do. She’d probably be able to make it back to the Olympus; she just didn’t know how much damage the ship had endured. Then she saw, or rather sensed, a very large shadow looming over her. She looked up and saw the same creature directly overhead.

“Mikael said these things never left their own territory! Well, that was a total fucking lie! Mikael, fucking dumb-ass son of a bitch, give me good intel before you send me out on a mission! I am so going to kill that motherfucker when I get back! How the fuck is this thing tracking me?”

And then the shadow grew larger. She looked up and saw the great beast descending on her, producing a brilliant stream of blue-and-white flame from its mouth. She put the Vimana into a dead drop and pushed it to its top speed. See ya, you son of a bitch, she thought as she escaped her pursuer. She had started to approach a landmass to the southwest of where they were setting up the Atlantis base when she saw the creature again; it was right on her tail. The beast was matching her speed. She couldn’t believe it. That’s not possible, she thought, and then she saw the flame coming toward her again; this thing was not going away.

She dropped the Vimana down to an even lower altitude and began to follow the path of a wide winding body of water. She was using this winding river like a highway. She had grown desperate to escape the flying menace, but she still couldn’t keep herself from marveling at the incredible beauty and splendor of the untouched waterway that she was using to help navigate her flight path. Then even at this low altitude, she felt the shadow of the creature creep over her Vimana once again.

I’ve got to get the hell out of here, she thought. She didn’t know where to go; she needed a place to hide. The shadow grew larger as the beast began to descend upon her ship. She saw a clearing to the north of the jungle. There, right there. She flew her Vimana through the clearing and a little way into the jungle itself, where it would be under the cover of some large trees.

She didn’t know if this would work. Her Vimana was already cloaked, but it felt better than being out in the open, waiting to be burned alive and eaten. She sat there holding her breath for ten, twenty, thirty minutes, waiting for the blue-and-white flame to cook her where she sat, but fortunately it never came. After she got herself together and after many more failed attempts at contacting the Olympus, Hippolyta decided that it was time to try to make it back to the mother ship, but for some reason, she just couldn’t bring herself to go. Maybe it was fear of encountering the giant flying reptile again, or maybe it was something else. She had been entranced by the beauty of the surrounding jungle the entire time that she had been hiding from her tormentor. She decided that she was going to get out of her Vimana and take a look around.

Just for a few minutes, she thought. The beauty of this place was pulling her toward it; she could feel it. Sergeant Hippolyta popped her cockpit and was the first Orionite person to ever set foot on Terra Firma. She stomped on the ground. Felt like ground to her, but the grass was so green; the skies were so clear. It was familiar but different. It was better…much better. She was nervous about it, but she decided to remove her flight helmet as well. Mikael had said that the air was breathable. Let’s find out, she thought. She removed her helmet and held her breath for a very long time. Then in one big gasp, she sucked the alien air into her lungs.

“Great Hera!” she said to herself as the clean, oxygen-rich, alien air hit her lungs. This is magnificent; this is intoxicating! I feel incredible! Her head felt light; she was initially a little woozy. She had never experienced such raw, untouched, and unpolluted air as this. It was truly a beautiful experience. She lay down in the soft green grass and just soaked in the beauty of the place for a long time. She felt at peace; she felt happy. She felt, maybe for the first time in her life, that she was at home. After spending some time lying in the grass and soaking in the astron rays, Hippolyta sat up and looked around. The jungle was gorgeous. She wanted to go see what was back there, and so she did.

She walked through the jungle and again marveled at its untouched beauty—the plants, flowers, trees all so complete and untouched by the hand of man. She came around a turn, and that was when she saw them. There were hominids up in front of her. “Oh shit!” she whispered to herself as she ducked down behind a rock formation. They didn’t see her.

Thank Hera, she thought. She spied on the hominid creatures for quite a while. They were completely naked and without shame. They were bathing themselves and one another, she noticed, in what must have been a hot spring of some kind. There was a small waterfall up over their heads. The water was clear and beautiful; she could see their forms clearly. They were beautiful, magnificent specimens. They were much taller than the other hominid species she had seen in the pictographs; they were almost as tall as she was.

They don’t have any pictographs of these hominids up on the Olympus, she thought. Their skin, eyes, and hair were so dark. Their bodies were so muscular, their thighs and buttocks so strong, their breasts so firm and full. Sergeant Hippolyta felt something begin to stir down deep between her thighs, a feeling she had never felt before. What the hell is that? she wondered. She shifted on the rock that she was sitting on, but no matter which way she tried to sit, she could never get comfortable. She continued to spy on the hominids bathing in the hot spring.

They’re all female, she suddenly realized. There wasn’t a male among them, and she slowly began to understand that she liked that. Her breathing began to get heavy, and she began to perspire in the heat of the jungle. She began to tug and pull at her flight suit; her skin felt flushed. Other parts of her body began to feel flushed as well. Certain parts of her body began to swell and ache that had never swollen or ached before in her entire existence.

Then as if she were having an out-of-body experience, Sergeant Hippolyta removed her flight suit and her undergarments and stood up on the rock that she had been hiding behind. She stood completely naked for all these gorgeous female alien hominids to see. She wanted them to see her. She knew that she should be embarrassed by her swollen genitalia that could easily be seen through the clear pubic hair that all Orionite women possessed, but for some reason, she was not. She stood tall and proud and naked.

The hominids in the hot spring did see her. They did not seem afraid, however. They seemed curious. Hippolyta slowly stepped off of the rock face and made her way down toward the all-female tribe and then slowly entered the water. It was warm and inviting; it felt so good as the water rose up above her thighs and began to make contact with her swollen and aching clitoris. The alien females began to slowly move toward Hippolyta; they still seemed unafraid. They began to stroke her clear hair. They looked into Hippolyta’s large blue eyes; they explored her face, her nose, her ears, her mouth, her lips, and her neck. Then they began to explore other parts of Hippolyta’s anatomy.

That was the first and last mission that Sergeant Hippolyta ever flew for the Olympus arc vessel. She was never heard from again.


Excerpt 3

Are you two fucktards really going to follow me everywhere I go?” demanded Specialist Lilith. “I’m a grown-ass woman, you know. I don’t need a babysitter to track my every move. You two idiots are fucking up my entire groove. What if I need to fart or pick my nose or something? I won’t be able to because Fucktard One and Two are watching me, and I’ll feel self-conscious. I can’t work like this!”

The two privates assigned to be Lilith’s security detail looked at her with amazement. They had never encountered a female who behaved quite like this one did. They looked at each other and nodded, both of them understanding that they did have other mission parameters that needed to be completed. She is reacting exactly the way that Colonel Lucifer said that she would, one of them thought.

“OK, Specialist,” agreed one of the guards. “We can provide you with a certain level of autonomy and privacy so that you can proceed with your research. Please just be very careful. We can give you six hours of unencumbered time to continue with your work. We will meet back up with you here at the top of this stream at that time. This is a liberty that we are providing to you, Specialist. It must remain between us three only. If it is found that we left you alone for any length of time at all, we will be on you like a kraken on a school of fish. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand, Private Fucktard. Now get the hell out of here and leave me alone, will ya! Christ on a cracker!” Lil responded.

Specialist Lilith waited for a while at the top of the stream while the two privates went on their way. She then proceeded directly to the apple garden. She knew why she was really going back there. She didn’t understand why she was keeping it to herself, though. As she approached the garden, she saw what she had secretly been hoping to see. Two of the hairless hominids were in the open field. The set of eyes that had been watching them from behind the apple bushes probably belonged to one of these creatures. They were on the ground in a seemingly violent confrontation, however, which shocked and disappointed her.

Hominids…so warlike, she thought to herself. But upon closer inspection, she slowly realized that they were not locked up in battle. They were locked up in love. She stared at the two hominids for a very long time. She realized that she was holding her breath in an effort to remain unseen. The sight was mesmerizing. She could see the buttocks of the male—so strong, muscular, and firm—pumping up and down like a piston in an ancient engine. She could make out striations of musculature being flexed throughout the back and buttocks of the male.

She swooned. He must be so powerful. She knew she shouldn’t be watching this, but she also inherently realized that there was no way that she could look away.

Lilith sat down on a log resting at her feet and continued to stare at the two primitive creatures as they performed their mating ritual. She really couldn’t believe her eyes. These creatures were just out in an open field in the middle of the day, entirely naked and devoid of shame, ravaging each other’s bodies with absolutely no thought as to what they were doing. The male was grunting like a wild animal; the female was screaming as if she were being killed. It was so primal, so crude, so violent. So exciting.

Lil felt her pulse rate begin to rise, her breathing begin to deepen, and her skin begin to feel flush. She loosened the collar of her flight suit and wiped away perspiration that had developed on her forehead. The image of the male’s striated buttocks pumping up and down so hard and fast in the open midday air was hypnotic. Lil could not stop watching it. She started to squirm on her log and felt certain parts of her anatomy begin to swell. She had never really had an experience like this before; she realized she liked it. She continued to stare at the round muscular buttocks of the male hominid and was greatly startled when all of a sudden the female reached up, grasped the male’s hair, and flipped him over onto his back in one powerful and swift motion.

Oh my, Lil thought. The female was now on top and was grinding her hips atop the male with such ferocity that it seemed as if she were trying to grind him into the ground itself. Lil’s breathing deepened even more; her pulse quickened. She felt…something beginning to build within her. She had never seen, never even heard of, a female taking charge in a mating ritual like this. Not that she had any real experience in mating. The risk of an Orionite female mating was just too great as far as she was concerned.

Trying to get comfortable, she shifted again on her log but could not. Lil didn’t really understand what she was doing, but she instinctually began to straddle the log in the way that the female hominid was straddling the male. She continued to watch the female grind away on the male, and without even realizing it, she began to mimic the female hominid’s movements on top of her log.

Oh my. What the fuck is going on? It’s like an itch that I can’t quite scratch. She noticed a wetness begin to develop between her thighs, which helped with the pain of grinding her clitoris on the hard log. She moved up the log a few inches and found a knot that was situated just perfectly to bump and rub her painfully swollen clitoris on. There was pain but also oh so much pleasure, all at the same time. She didn’t understand it, but she knew that she couldn’t stop it, either. She began to grind on the knot harder and faster and with more ferocity, just as she had watched the female hominid do. She then began to go into herself somewhat. She closed her eyes and ground her clitoris into the raised area of the knot even harder.

She would occasionally look up and see the female hominid do the same. She saw the female hominid forcefully grab the male’s throat as if she were trying to choke the life out of him. The male seemed as if he were struggling to break free, but the female pinned him to the ground and continued to have her way with him. Lil once again mimicked the female’s action as she leaned forward slightly and grabbed the log with both of her hands. She instantly felt a surge of pain and pleasure shoot through her body, as this position granted her more leverage and control over her movements. Ignoring the pain, she began to grind on the knot even harder and relentlessly pursued the itch that she could not seem to scratch. She continued in this manner for a few minutes more, trying to scratch her itch and looking up occasionally to try to see how the female hominid was scratching her own itch.

Lil could now see the male’s powerful legs and hips begin to rise; she could see the male’s hands digging into the dark flesh of the female’s full buttocks. She noticed white indentations on the female’s dark skin from where the male’s fingertips dug into the female’s flesh. Lil ground her knot even harder now. She ground on it with a furious and glorious anger as if she were trying to split the log in two with her own clitoris. She was perspiring heavily. She felt a great dampness between her thighs. Her heart rate was soaring. She felt as if she were slipping in and out of consciousness. Then Lil felt a force building up inside of her, the likes of which she did not know existed. She felt that she was on the verge of finally being able to scratch that elusive itch. She no longer looked at the two hominids mating in the open wild and went completely into herself. The outside world faded away entirely.

Suddenly her breathing stopped, and her body began to tremble. Specialist Lilith let loose a cry that would pierce the heavens itself, as her entire being started to convulse in a combination of primal pleasure and pure animalistic satisfaction. She was unaware of the sound that she had made. It was as if she were having an out-of-body experience. Tears began to slowly run down her cheeks; she took in a big deep breath. She shifted slightly on her log, and a shudder flowed throughout her entire body as her swollen and incredibly sensitive clitoris accidentally rubbed up against the knot on the log.

She sat there, motionless, for what seemed an eternity and simply took in the sheer grandeur of what she had just experienced. She didn’t know what it was, but she was certain that no other Orionite woman had ever experienced anything quite like what she just had. Eventually her pulse began to slow, and her breathing returned to normal. A sense of tranquility like she had never felt before began to come over Lil. She slowly opened her eyes, and then her tranquil, peaceful state abruptly ended as she saw the two primitive hominids staring directly at her. They had heard her screams.

Oh shit, shit, motherfucking shit! What do I do? What do I do? Lil quickly stood up from her log. She almost fell back down and noted the weakness in her legs, hips, and thighs. Her legs were still shaking. The crotch of her flight suit was soiled and damp and bloody. Her adrenaline spike at seeing the two hominids staring at her kept her upright, however.

Then the two hominids also jumped to their feet. They stood there and stared at one another in confused recognition of what the three had just experienced together. Finally the female hominid took the hand of the male and began to pull him away, back into the direction of the cover of the apple garden. The male resisted at first but eventually went with the female. Lil just continued to stare at the creatures as they sought the cover of the garden. Right before she lost sight of them, though, she saw the male turn back toward her and stop. They locked eyes as if they were both in a trance. She thought she saw the male’s lips move, as if it could speak.


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