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Date of Publication: 20 Sep 2017
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Brad Green

Published by IndieMosh

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All it took was a claim.

A claim that C11, a wonder drug, could cure any disease. The media lapped it up, the people applied pressure, everyone wanted to see the results. 

Before they knew it, C11 was on the shelf. By the time the side effects were truly realised, too many had changed. 

From the chaos, Mutant Suppression Squads were born. Squads of soldiers trained specially to take down any kind of mutant. The soldiers fought for an uneasy truce between mutants and humans, a truce that is beginning to crack. 

With a trail of intel leading them to Mumbai, MSS Oscar are in for the fight of their lives.

* * *

Catalyst, inspired by action/thriller author Matthew Reilly, contains the gripping blockbuster like action of modern day novels making it a read you just can’t put down.

Chapter 9

‘What’s our play, Boss?’

‘I’m not sure, Quil,’ Boss replied, rattling his chains. ‘We seem to be a little stuck.’

‘These chains are a bit old school.’

‘I guess … this is my first experience in a dungeon.’

‘Not for me, although the other dungeons I’ve been chained up in were a lot more fun,’ Quilmax said, grinning.

‘So, what do we have, Quil? Why are we being held here instead of killed in the street?’ Boss asked, looking around at the cobblestoned floor.

‘Your guess is as good as mine,’ Quilmax answered, giving his own chains a rattle while trying to slide them off.

‘Angel tried to tell me something before she died, but I couldn’t catch it all. Makes me think there’s much more going on here than we think. Timms would have sent Bug and his gang after us by now. We should hear the telltale signs of their destructive arrival soon enough.’

Quilmax sighed. ‘Yeah, I forgot about those meatheads,’ he said, leaning back into the stone wall.

‘I say we go along with all this; see what our captives want. Then make an executive decision on whether we die down here, or up there against Bug,’ Boss said, also leaning back against the wall.

‘Good plan.’

‘Now, we wait.’

Chapter 25

Alarms rang out from the pharmacy across the road. Leading up to the noise, Ghost had been watching intently in case anything seemed out of the ordinary. Now everything was chaos.

‘What happened?’ came Vixen’s voice over the radio.

‘We’re not sure, the hack was going fine,’ replied a nervous voice. ‘All alarms have been triggered, along with a compound-wide lockout.’

‘All teams, get inside now before we get locked out,’ Vixen ordered furiously.

Ghost gripped his rifle and teleported inside the pharmacy, he let loose three shots at the security guard who approached him, then teleported behind the counter. A storeroom door led to the first checkpoint. Behind him, Gui and Pawz appeared. Taking a note from Ghost, they too wore their MSS Oscar jackets.

Just like old times, thought Ghost. ‘What’s the plan?’ he asked.

‘Get in, get Boss, get the cure and get out,’ Pawz replied, readying his rifle.

‘What about the prisoners?’ Gui asked.

‘Vixen’s teams can handle them. We need to get that cure before she destroys it all and kills Klein.’

Ghost nodded. ‘Roger.’ He moved towards the door and slowly opened it just enough to look through the gap. ‘Clear,’ he said, raising his rifle again as he entered.

Inside, a checkpoint had been set up with gates, each one containing a metal detector and bulletproof glass. The only way through was via biometric scan. On the right was the security office, normally manned with guards monitoring the systems and those who entered or exited. Due to the alarms on the east side of the compound, it seemed these guards had been called away to help.

‘Did they really leave only one man to guard this?’ Gui asked.

‘Seems that way,’ Ghost said, teleporting into the security office. He looked down at the various screens and buttons. ‘This does look like the MSS field computers,’ he noted. ‘I guess those nerds were right.’

He flicked several switches to disable the metal detectors and automated defence turrets that weren’t so obvious to intruders. Then, sliding a finger on the display to his right, he opened the gates.

‘Thanks,’ Pawz said, clearing the checkpoint. ‘I think I drew the short straw in the “cool powers” department.’

Ghost laughed. ‘Teleporting is definitely cooler than whatever it is you do.’

Pawz led them through to the next hallway. It contained several elevators and an emergency stairwell.

‘The stairwell should bring us out behind the security room for the cell block,’ Gui said, opening the door. The sound of alarms echoed more intensely from inside.

‘Let’s move,’ Pawz ordered.

Ghost looked down the middle of the shaft before gripping Pawz’s shoulder and nodding to Gui. They disappeared, instantly reappearing at the bottom.

‘That’s much better than doing stairs,’ Pawz said.

Ghost looked through the small window in the door. He could see the security hub, hanging thirty feet in the air, accessible only by a walkway. The walkway lead directly from the elevators, with several other walkways leading down to the rows and rows of prison cells. From this view, Ghost could make out seven guards.


‘What have we got?’

‘Seven guards inside the hub. It can only be accessed via the walkway, just like the plans showed.’

‘Right. Can you drop me into the middle of that room?’ Pawz asked.

‘Of course,’ Ghost answered confidently.

‘What about me?’ Gui asked.

‘I need you to head down to the cells, take out any patrolling guards and try to locate Boss. Once I secure the hub, I’ll radio down his location.’

‘Okay, let’s do this,’ Ghost said, grabbing Pawz’s shoulder

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