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Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Nature and Environment, Mind, Body and Spirit

Print: 9781925666618
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Date of Publication: 21 Sep 2017
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Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves

Dr Mahdi Mason

Published by Indiemosh

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If you’re worried about the state of the planet but aren’t sure what you can do to actually make a difference, this book is for you! Find out practical ways you can start helping the environment, and live in harmony with it, NOW.

International author and changemaker Dr Mahdi Mason, draws on her years of research and experience in environmental management and indigenous culture in this breakthrough green living book. There is one key element missing in modern society’s approach to managing the environment, and this oversight is leading the human race to extinction. This book explains what that element is, and how easy it is to address it.

You’ll learn:

  • How to recognise what nature does for your mind, body and spirit

  • Different strategies to connect with nature

  • How much influence you have on the environment without even knowing it

  • Effective ways to help the environment which don’t cost time or money

  • Golden rules for helping your local wildlife and ecosystems to thrive

  • Secrets to supporting the Earth energetically

  • The key to becoming an environmental leader and how to influence others to become more environmentally friendly themselves

This book will inspire you to take action!

Chapter 1

The term ‘Earth healing’ may sound like some sort of ‘out there’ alternative practice, but the truth is, it is for all people. You don’t have to have a background in environmental management, be into spirituality or believe in the benefits of alternative healing modalities. All you need is a desire to help the planet (and hopefully this book will give you all the reasons you need to want to do that).

Earth healing is the simple practice of giving back to the Earth. It can be as scientific or as mystical as you like. It can be a physical or metaphysical effort. The main thing is that energy is being sent back into the Earth after we have taken energy from it.

Earth healing is the simple practice of giving back to

 the Earth.

Modern, non-indigenous society has lost touch with the Earth. It has forgotten that we are part of numerous natural systems—ecosystems—and that when we take from Mother Nature, we are supposed to give something in return. Ecosystems are cycles. They don’t work if one process stops feeding the next.

In any ecosystem, each component (whether it be a plant, insect, bird or other animal) is designed to take something it needs for survival, utilise it and pass on its waste, which will be utilised by another component of the system. Think of a tree, for example—to grow, it will take nutrients from the soil, sunlight from the sun, water from rain and carbon from the air. In return, it will give food, shelter, oxygen for animals and humans. And when it dies, it provides organic matter that will return to the soil as nutrients, making it fertile ground to support new plant life.

Chapter 2

Historically, in Indigenous cultures, everyone was an Earth Healer. It wasn’t a prestigious title that was only given to select few. Everyone appreciated what Mother Earth did for him or her and they didn’t take anything she gave them for granted.

Indigenous peoples all over the world—our ancestors—lived in harmony with the land. When they took something, they gave something else back; be it was through gratitude, ceremony or physical gifts. They understood that they were part of a larger natural system and, that to continue to survive, they had to participate in keeping it going.

These people never took more than they needed and they only took what they could use. Any more than that was a burden and would require space and energy to manage; they would have to acquire this space and energy from nature, so they saw no point in being greedy.

Unlike our modern cultures, there was no respect or hierarchy for people who collected the most material things, so there was no competition to attain as much as they could. They didn’t lose sight of where their materials came from, so they didn’t rape and pillage the land in the name of becoming more powerful.

Our ancestors also never wasted what Mother Nature gifted to them. If they caught an animal, they would use the flesh for food; skin for clothing; teeth, claws and bones for jewellery and tools; and other remains for glue. Everything had a use.

They also always asked nature before taking anything and didn’t assume they had rights to everything. Respect was given to each and every plant, stream, rock, creepy crawly and animal. Our ancestors understood that, just like them, much energy had gone into creating each of these and to disregard that was to disregard life itself.

Chapter 3

Have you ever stopped to consider that Mother Earth gives you every single thing you need to survive? Every. Single. Thing. More than that actually, she gives you everything you need to have a happy, healthy life.

Food, shelter, clothes, water, air, stuff to clean your teeth with, makeup, resources to generate power, fuel, fire, places of beauty, other people, other living creatures, crystals, jewellery, musical instruments. Whatever it is you want or need, nature can provide it in some shape or form.

It blew me away when I first realised this. You see, I’ve grown up in a time of having pretty much everything right there for me at the shops. I never had to go and actually pick food from trees or hunt or start fires so that I could eat or cook. Whatever I wanted or needed was sitting on a shelf somewhere, most likely wrapped in plastic.

Chapter 4

Developing a connection with the Earth is an important step in Earth healing. It gives us an affinity for it and allows us to listen to and understand what the Earth really needs—this is imperative for our health as human beings.

I once channelled a message from Mother Earth urging us to connect with her more:

‘At present, the majority of people on the planet are disconnected from me. The more disconnected people are from me, the less I can help them. I need your help to start bringing people back into connection with me so that I can support them to live healthy, happy lives.

All people need my help to survive. But I cannot help them if they won’t let me. Humans (and all living creatures) are my children and I want to be able to nurture them all. Reconnecting with me gives me that opportunity.’

~ Mother Earth

It has never been more important for us to hear Her message than it is today.

What does connecting to the Earth actually mean?

You probably hear people talking about having a connection with something every now and again, but have you stopped to think about what it means?

A connection is an energetic resonance with someone or something that enables the exchange of energy between the two.

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