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Lifting the Veil, Raising Consciousness
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Spiritual, Self-Help

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Date of Publication: 30 Nov -0001
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Lifting the Veil, Raising Consciousness

Connie Howell

Published by indiemosh

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Synopsis for Lifting the veil Lifting the Veil, Raising Consciousness poses questions that you may not ever have considered asking yourself, such as ‘Who am I’? and ‘Why am I here’? For some, these questions never get asked and so life is perceived from the physical and material aspects only. Do you believe that your mind is in your head and its output is generated from your brain? Or do you have the wider perspective that ‘mind’ is a non-local consciousness that interacts with other minds on an invisible and energetic level? This book endeavours to open you up to the possibility that we are all connected through an invisible field and that we are individual sparks of one consciousness known by many names but ultimately recognised as a higher or supreme power. Most of us go through life disconnected from this source because we lack the understanding or belief that we are all children of the one source and worthy to be so. The premise of this book is that none of us are sinners but rather we are here to experience life in all its facets and for the one source to know itself through us. Each chapter offers a higher perspective than our ordinary mind can, for the everyday mind is filled with constant chatter from the ego which is not our true self. However we believe wholeheartedly that it is telling us the truth and that it reflects who we are. If this book can stimulate you to ask the right questions and open your mind to greater possibilities then it has served its purpose and fulfilled its mission.

Chapter 1

Many Beings watch over us; we are not alone. Though this may be a disturbing idea for some, on the whole it is a reassuring and comforting thought for me. I think I have always believed in the possibility of other life forms and that is why programs and movies such as the Star Trek and Star Wars series appeal to me and many others. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to think of galactic councils and Beings with a higher consciousness looking out for us in a neighbourly way, although admittedly some others may not be as benevolent. Some would call me a dreamer and fantasist for thinking this but it feels plausible to me and that is all that matters. Having said that. I must clarify that I don’t go gazing in the clouds looking for spaceships and I don’t crave alien contact—that is not my thing. However, the idea of advanced life forms that come to help humanity appeals to me, especially as we seem to be making such a mess of things. At times we are like children fighting and squabbling about who has what and who did what to whom. We carry various streams of consciousness within us and that is why we are unique as individuals whilst also being connected to a mass consciousness. There is a vast array of dimensions that the human mind is unaware of. That is simply because when we incarnate into physical reality we have to focus on being a Connie Howell 2 physical entity. That is how we learn about the pleasures and pain of human existence and it is the reason we incarnate. That along with wanting to help the earth ascend to the next level in her development and to enhance the overall expansion of the universal consciousness. I question if we are doing a good job. In time the soul stirs, prodding the mind. It then inevitably roams to questions of why am I here, what is my purpose and who am I? Pondering these and other questions begins the awakening process. An opening of the mind begins to allow information and knowledge to be delivered so that the consciousness expands and starts to see a wider version of reality. The picture then becomes more panoramic rather than the narrow aspect seen only from the shallow band of physical reality. The soul moves us into wanting to know and understand more than what we perceive through the five senses alone. We have an inbuilt desire to understand the greater mysteries. It may or may not be active during our present incarnation. Limited vision brings limited understanding. Opening the mind allows us to see truths that have always been there but were previously unseen by eyes that are shielded by the blurred lenses of our perceived reality. Commonly known as the veil, there is an invisible construct that serves to keep us focused on the five senses. It also protects us from sensory overload. When the time comes for the veil to be lifted we can then see and comprehend how limiting but necessary the veil has been up until this point. In most cases it isn’t lifted until we can deal with the vastness of what is and have expanded our awareness sufficiently. That can take many lifetimes and when the yearning to know is Lifting the Veil 3 great enough to start looking deeper the awakening process is activated. It is up to us to feel the pull of the soul towards awakening to higher consciousness and to respond with gratitude and eagerness when we step out of the limited consciousness we usually operate from into unlimited and unbridled awareness. What freedom, what exhilaration to be unshackled from the heavy chains of servitude to a mindset driven by an ego that wants to keep us small and unassuming. Primarily we are here to fully experience the human condition and to grow as a result. The veil is essential so that we can concentrate on being human. All the things that constitute being human can make us temporarily forget that we are Universal Beings, that we are one with the Universe/God/Creator. It is somewhat like suffering from amnesia. Unaware and without memory of whom we are. If the veil is lifted by our consciousness being raised high enough we can then start to see the totality of what we are. We still live a human life but we now know that it is not our true identity. What does waking up mean? It is a process of understanding and expanding the awareness to a fuller view of the overall picture. What you think of as mind is only a tiny fraction of what consciousness really is and your mind is not the brain, though that is where you may experience thoughts and thinking. Consciousness is everywhere, we dwell in consciousness and it dwells in us. There is no separation: we are part of everything and everything is a part of us. Though each of us perceives that we have our own portion of consciousness—our own thoughts and ideas—we Connie Howell 4 are also connected to what Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist called the collective unconscious; the one that contains the bigger pool of thinking and thoughts. We may believe that we are separate, individual and autonomous but whose thoughts are we really thinking? Are we the generators of the trillions of thoughts that stream through the mind each and every day or do thoughts just happen? We have access to a greater consciousness that some call Oneness/God/ Universe. It doesn’t really matter what name you give it. However we have a tendency to believe that we are isolated from each other and that our mind is unconnected from all other minds including and especially the universal mind. This Higher Power created everything and if you believe that, then you must also believe that nothing can be separate, that we are all related and are part of that one source that created us. We may experience ourselves as individual but it is neither our permanent nor true condition. We simply forget that we are an integral part of creation therefore connected at the deepest level. The universal consciousness is experiencing itself through us in all our various forms. Everything contains life and consciousness at some level. It is only humans that assign consciousness to things that are considered to be alive and aware in the same way that we are, with a higher level of intelligence and the ability to reason. But do stones, trees, plants, mountains and rivers have a form of consciousness? Masuro Emoto the Japanese author, researcher and photographer carried out many experiments on water believing that water molecules could react to both positive and negative words. He also experimented on polluted water rendering it clean through prayer and visualisation. The photos in Masuro’s books Lifting the Veil 5 which discuss the consciousness of water molecules gives much food for thought and insight into how we can influence our own wellbeing. The Hidden Messages in Water is one of his more prominent books and became a bestseller. He says that because our bodies are largely made up of water that we can influence our health by visualisation and directing loving thoughts and intentions inward. Everything has a vibration that varies in speed and density, the denser the vibration the more visible the form. As humans we judge life by what we know, what we can see and that which we find acceptable. What if other species— that do not conform to our preconceived ideas about what life forms look like—reside in other dimensions that we cannot normally see? Does that mean they do not exist? If we are blind to those other dimensions we can at best only speculate. But if you can see them whilst others cannot, does that mean that they are merely figments of a vivid imagination, the stuff of science fiction? We have a tendency to dismiss what we can’t explain or understand. Much of this is done out of fear and limited thinking. There was a time in history where the idea of machines that could fly in the air or ships that could dive underwater was considered impossible. So what if there really are machines that can travel between worlds? These are interesting questions to contemplate. They probably will lead to many more questions: this is part of the waking up process. The intelligence that created us is ever evolving and expanding and that includes our individual evolution and expansion which then contributes to the whole. Psychic and mediumistic abilities can be steps to the Connie Howell 6 opening up of greater awareness but there is so much more and so many other ways to move forward. Enlightenment is a result of realising who we truly are but even then there is more. Enlightenment comes in many stages. It isn’t a one stop shop. We never stop growing and learning. Everyone at some point will become enlightened—that is a surety and a natural part of the evolutionary process. It may not be in this lifetime or the next but it will come to all of us eventually. One of the primary reasons for incarnating into physical reality is to know what it is like to be and live as humans with physical attributes. The loves, the laughs the pains and sorrows are all equally important. Earth is a giant school, a place of immense opportunity to learn the exquisite lessons we are offered here. Not only that, we also have the ability to wake up and recognise that we are divine by nature bringing Heaven to Earth. I know that the term wake up may be confusing for some of you so think of it in terms of suddenly having clarity about something that before you just couldn’t see. Having then seen it clearly it is like a revelation or a light bulb moment. Throughout our lifetime we find ourselves engaging with many people that act as mirrors, enabling us to see reflections of the negative and positives about ourselves. The more polished the mirror the more our true identity is revealed. It is up to us to work out which are the real images as opposed to the illusionary ones. We are given people on both sides of the veil to help and guide us; no one is left alone to muddle through even though we may at times feel a deep sense of abandonment and aloneness, especially if life is proving difficult. We look at others who are richer and have what we lack, seemingly Lifting the Veil 7 without any problems and we label them lucky. We may envy or resent them. Yet in the totality of all our lives we have had all kinds of experiences and lifestyles. We forget that maybe the last life was fuller, happier. Life is neither a penance nor a reward. All experiences lead to growth. It is a chance to evolve, to know love and compassion and grow through pain and suffering. Conversely by leading a good life we can experience gratitude that this time we are doing it sweet. All experiences are valid and of equal importance. Each brings specific lessons to bring fullness to the soul. I have been the recipient of much kindness in my life. Sometimes I felt deserving of the help while other times it blew me away to know that people could be so kind when I had so obviously not lived up to my idea of acceptable societal standards of behaviour. Set boundaries and rules can cause us much distress as we struggle to conform to the societal guidelines of how we should live. So as humans we walk along a two-edged sword. Whichever side we fall or deliberately choose to walk, lasting peace is often illusive. We can either fit in or be seen as rebellious and non-conformist. Such is life. Ups and downs come as regularly as the waves of the ocean. So how do we find the middle ground? Are we in fact meant to or is it for us to rise and fall with the rhythm of life? What is life about and what is its purpose? Enlightened people don’t become enlightened by chance, they put in the hard effort and discipline required to break through the vice-like grip of the ego and the temptation to judge themselves and others. This can be a constant battle between what is considered right or wrong by the cultures we are born into. When the higher meaning of the situations we Connie Howell 8 face daily are understood we don’t get so caught up in personalising the ins and outs of daily life. Mastery comes through direct experience rather than just academia and intellectual pursuits that are so dearly prized. To experience the fullness of life is to more fully comprehend the nature and meaning of life. Modernity has provided us with great strides forward in many ways. Advances in medicine, technology, housing and transport have all brought benefits that are undeniable and yet we seem to be a more stressed world in spite of it. We have bigger and more powerful weapons and along with them a threat hangs over us, as the possibility of someone pushing the button in a fit of defiance or megalomania is ever present. The pursuit of ultimate power over others is evident in some of the world leaders who verbally push and shove each other on a regular basis. Waking up is now more necessary than ever. In fundamental ways we have lost our connection to life itself by being caught up in busyness. We have busy lives and busy minds. Social media dominates the lives of our younger generations and many of us too. So how can we relax and connect to our higher self when we are always switched on with texting on our phones and sitting for hours at computers? There are a myriad of addictions and distractions that distance us from our true selves, cutting us off from the deeper more profound aspects of life and experiencing the inner wisdom present within us all. In my own life a large portion of my time was filled with feelings of anxiety, fear and thoughts of the past or the future. I also worried about what people thought of me or what I thought of them. Thoughts of what ifs and of ageing and dying all crowded out ‘what is’ so I missed being present most Lifting the Veil 9 of the time. I often had feelings of powerlessness and impotence which created more worry and anxiety. It becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to break free from. I have revelled in the good times and resisted the downtimes. I have agonised about life, the purpose of being here and the concerns of not being here. I have felt all the feelings and thought all the thoughts about the right diet, the wrong diet, how to maintain health and every other kind of malady that may befall human existence. You name it I have felt it, thought it, done it or had someone close to me do it. I am sure you have too. Such is the nature and dilemma of life. It is up to each of us to do what we can to prevent ourselves from drowning in the pool of humanity. Spirit says, ‘We don’t want you to be perfect. We want you to overcome the idioms of the ego. For it is the unbridled ego that casts you into the shadows and the swinging of the pendulum between feeling either unworthy or superior and all between. If there is no balance then troubles persist’. The middle ground is where we can find humility and the true connection to source. It is the gateway to lifting the veil. There you find that you don’t believe one thing or another you simply know you are divine by nature and that you are having a human experience. You know that love is the ultimate way forward and you become one with everything, at least some of the time. When you know that you are intrinsically divine you can let loose the tight grip on human foibles and accept the now because you understand that everything is as it should be, in perfect order even though chaos may be present all around you. When you are in the now you enter into the flow of life and cease struggling. Connie Howell 10 Humans often misunderstand the reasons for being human. It is not to serve some distant deity, nor a punishment or a test to prove that you are worthy or acceptable. You are already this and more. You took human form to experience life as a human being with the totality of all that it entails. Instead of resisting life and fighting with yourself to be better, more intellectual, more amazing or more anything, simply embrace all that life has to offer you. This includes the good, the bad and the downright scary, for it is in facing your fears that you find the strength and power of who you really are. Life is your chance to try on all the different costumes, dress up, dress down, be rich, be poor, be good or be bad. All of it is useful in the overall growth of your soul. Imagine being an actor at the end of their life looking back at the opportunities gained by having played such a rich medley of roles. A body of work so satisfying that it nourishes the soul and is made more poignant with the knowledge that they were only roles not reality and, that the real you remains intact when all the roles are finished. In my other books Perfectly Imperfect: How to be Imperfect and Remain Lovable and Walking Between Two Worlds, perfection and acting out roles are themes that I frequently use because we can easily relate to them. Movies are an everyday part of our lives. Spirit talks to us in the language of the day so that we can understand what they are trying to convey to us. Often meaning gets lost in the translation and we may have to sift a little to get to the core of it. Though I advocate viewing life like watching a good movie I often forget my own advice. I fluctuate between frustration and disappointment to elation and delight about life. I still have difficulty in my attempts to master the many Lifting the Veil 11 aspects of life so I understand and live with the struggle. Even letting go of the struggle can be a struggle! Sometimes the merry-go-round spins so fast it is hard to jump off without getting hurt. Even though I have a good life I sometimes have trouble embracing it fully. Boredom was a constant companion and something that I fought with rather than allowing it to reveal its secrets. After all doesn’t boredom mean having nothing interesting to do? Or is it indicative of a deeper form of unrest, resistance or denial? Walking a spiritual path is often fraught with challenges and I have frequently asked myself if it is worth the effort and yet I cannot turn back. Nor do I want to. Sometimes feeling stuck is a terrible conundrum and a test of endurance and I often wonder if the spiritual icons and ancestors of the past have felt what I feel—although I am sure that they have. The agony I know well, the ecstasy is fleeting, it comes and goes. Though many books give us insights and instruction as to the best ways to proceed I have found that though they can be helpful nothing is better than one’s own inner connection to the innate guidance system. That and the experience of connecting with other dimensions are unsurpassable. I believe we are in the time of direct revelation: that it is available and achievable to all. Wishing, feeling, visualising and being positive may all be helpful tools for some of us but not for everyone. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ in spiritual development, we must find our own path, the one especially set out for us by us. Authors like me can only offer their own experience and ways of communicating which can contain helpful guidance and advice, but ultimately I believe that each of us must walk the road we are drawn to with the understanding Connie Howell 12 that all roads will get you there. Some may be quicker some longer but nevertheless we will all get there in the end. Now that’s a comforting thought.

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