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East-West Paranormality: Miracle experiences, yogins and adepts, psychics and spiritualists worldwide
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections

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Date of Publication: 01 Jan 2017
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East-West Paranormality: Miracle experiences, yogins and adepts, psychics and spiritualists worldwide

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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In this latest release, East-West Paranormality, the author, Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD, parapsychologist explores balancing the age-old miracles of Eastern and Western Paranormality. 

This is not a religious book but broadly speaking is about the paranormal and psychical research and proof behind all the categories of history, philosophy, religion, science and more.

CHAPTER I: Paramhansa and author’s early psychic experiences compared East–West

Paramhansa Yogananda wasn’t his original birth name or later full title. It was Mukunda Lal Ghosh, born of a rather large family like myself. He, bless his wonderfully warm and psychic life to come, was of Bengali stock, as mentioned in my Introduction. His parents were both pious, the father’s income by all accounts earned as a top official with the Indian Bengal-Nagpur Railway.

Paramhansa, sometimes spelt Paramahansa in multi available literature about him, much on the Internet, wrote his own Autobiography of a Yogi, said to be the first of its kind by such a saintly, elevated soul of his eventual stature, even as reflected in his childhood.

Having practised some branches of yoga in my own early life and onwards, if not all branches of Hinduism, I’ll come to a notable psychic/spiritual overview of the six major world religions, by and by. Not dogmatically, I might add, nor agnostically, either! An early inter-faith, inter-human, conclusion, surely, is that we’re all seeking to know ourselves and what we’re all about within the Infinite and Eternal.

Anyway, Paramhansa (whose other name or titles come later), like many of us, felt that his earliest memories were somehow out of step with his then ‘here and now’. He felt he belonged in a life elsewhere – that of a yogi (spiritual teacher) far away in the cold snows of the Himalayan Mountains. He also felt bodily inadequate and ungrown, not being able to walk or talk, trapped in an infant’s form, very much still feeling he was that Himalayan yogi!

My past life early recallings start later than Paramhansa’s. Yet one was so clear. It was that of a young boy in a family of harlequin or pantomime type entertainers, at some royal or similar courts. One could hide behind the masks and everyday shynesses.

Others were more about the pain of deceit and wronging being put upon one. Not so strange that in this life I’ve been reserved, having kept quiet and undefended somewhat, yet was drawn into healing others in psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and healing work. I was okay with my brothers, singing and playing instruments in our ‘boy bands’, (family or group entertaining again, you see, as in harlequin life quoted). Family psychic happenings and such experiences with others in my life will be richly shown for their lessons throughout the book; their implications and how one develops their own psychic gifts too.

CHAPTER IV: Interlude: Psychic experiences of everyday folk

I was ordered one day, with two other young guys in railway uniform, to shovel spilled coal from off the track beneath a coal hopper, into an old truck with dropside heavy door. Truck filled satisfactorily, I, already having practised some physical yoga said, ‘stand back boys I’ll close the door’. One, two, three and I’d shut the darned door up. However, I’d reckoned without the fact that I wasn’t tall enough to hold it long and seal it, with the soil beneath my feet being somewhat subsided.

I suffered an impact fracture of two spinal vertebrae as the door fell, coming to later with ‘the cap’ knocked off my head. ‘Practical show-off joke?’ But I learned more than one lesson that day – the smoke, the steam of railway yards – everything could be and was predicted and I’ve thereby dodged a few of psychic warnings since, though much of my life since then has been filled with blessings. Someone wanted to save me and help make what I now see as the psychic mission of my life.

Following on from the foreseen prediction (though not if I’d fully taken heed), I’m reminded, I think, that in Shakespeare’s words somewhere was written ‘There is a destiny (fate?) which shapes our ends, rough hew them as we may’.

If I hadn’t gone with my Air Force mate to that meeting in question, what then might have been destined to happen? Probably exactly the same. Though at least I was warned with a chance to rough hew (change or cut into the detail of the event). Yet readers from my first book on will recall how truly prophetic the mainstream of such and similar ‘gifts of the spirit’ etc. are (St Paul of the Christian Bible, Corinthians 1, Verse 12).

Paramahansa, Milarepa and the Buddha so far, had these gifts and more, frequently warning, yet advising, their disciples and followers as did Mr Cain, with me above.

I’m not in any way on ego trips with my personal psycho/spiritual encounters – always giving credence for others and their involvement in the Universal cause. Shakespeare might say ‘it blesseth him that gives as well as he that takes’ with reference to any spiritual gift, as he did on the quality of ‘mercy’. There is also the gift of healing, who’s energy can be tangibly monitored with electro encephalograph-type apparatus nowadays, along with other psychic energies (see on, and/or in my other books, writings, recordings etc.).

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