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Karma Drama: Reincarnation and Re-setting your Karma
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections

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Date of Publication: 01 Jan 2017
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Karma Drama: Reincarnation and Re-setting your Karma

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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This book should captivate readers with its fascinating, reasoned and true accounts of our spirit survival after human passing. Also of our life after life reincarnations (not forgetting what our psychics can tell us for now). All's revealed in meditatively relaxed states. Finding the right practitioner or group is key; training in the author's psycho-spiritual methods also revealed to them, within.

CHAPTER I Updates on my psycho-spiritual experiences etc, completing book series

We all have our anxieties etc, maybe influenced from past life memory. Whilst completing my last book (East–West Paranormality: Miracle experiences, yogins and adepts, psychics and spiritualists worldwide), I drove myself crazy, thinking I would pass over and never finish it. Similar nervous feelings had come up in my life before but not to this shaky extent. Coincidentally (see on) I’d experienced, in Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs), past life access via therapy methods I’ve largely originated and refined myself.

Again, I realised I was picking up memory aspects of my past life writer-monk’s life driven desperately (in previous books). He’d wanted to complete a set of language translations before he died. So much more knowledge of his ‘Karma-Drama’ (my term) was now harshly catching up with me, in this 21st century. Today we have evermore knowledge.

Cathartically, my anxiety is now clearing. It has taught me first-hand, so much more on how I might help heal other’s balance their karma. This book (Karma Drama), is possibly the eighth and last of my mainly psycho-spiritual book series. A ninth book, entitled Getaway to Down Under, a largely truth-based rather hot novel, nevertheless had psychic under-tones of its own for readers, plus a measure of true psychological healing for its heroine and maybe some of my readers own selves, folks, therapists or groups.

Psycho-spiritual (encompassing general philosophical, psychological, spiritual leaning), plus now reincarnational knowledge, have been mounting themes of my writings. I interchange the classification titles and wordings sometimes for easier grassroots and professional familiarity and coming together understanding. However, I largely felt fated to write up the homely case for Spiritualism first, deeming myself lucky to be born into a psychic family, despite the knocks (all learning!), especially being wartime evacuated with younger brothers to watch over, for our loving, psychic Mom. I’ve had a rich grassroots psychic life, to be lucky enough to convey these things helpfully and as entertainingly as possible, from other aspects of my personality, various diplomas and university degree studies also.

CHAPTER IV Altered States of Consciousness reveal us in past, also present lives with their evidence on bi-location

We all can astral travel without prior knowledge of the much varied spiritual gifts, see St Paul in the Christian Bible Corinthians 1. 12, plus others East–West. I mentioned further in East–West Paranormality that it pays to diligently take note of as much detail you can whilst ‘out there’. Otherwise, it’s like opening up, say, Tutankhamun’s tomb and closing it without examining all the wondrous contents. I’ve already mentioned remote viewing (RV) but this is generally regarded as viewed from stationary position, not astral travelling or bi-locating as such, the terms intermingle).

As already stated, this book will almost certainly be the last of my unintended nine psycho-spiritual books series (it importantly being also a teaching manual). Another psychic medium ‘impossibly’ predicted spirit would use my mind like a typewriter in helping produce them. I give again here credit to souls ‘on the other side’ for helping predict and dictate them. Wow! All comes to me through of course my psychic abilities. Repeat, they’ve run into the nine separate, in their own right, book titles, that without intention from me became a series.

One of my books was more a ‘steamy’ novel I confess but truth based – Getaway to Down Under: London to Sydney, Australia. Also it had psychic truth and prophecies laced into it. Overall in my writings, words and messages would flow to me, déjà vu-like, which had to put down at speed sometimes before they were lost forever. Inspirational or Spirit Inspired Writing it’s been known as. There’s certainly no Berlin or Mexican Wall between us and our Spirit fellows!

Back to astral travel and bi-location subject/s: (they intermingle remember), I’ve been influenced by my guides to go over this/them again with new emphasis on the fact that we in Australia today and elsewhere, can now do today in spirit – ‘magically’/parapsychologically, what saintly spirits of earlier century faiths could do. Milarepa of Tibet for instance or the Buddha, actually born near the Himalayan foothills (see East–West Paranormality).

1.      Well I certainly doubled up on both healing and astral travel, bi-locating from Australia here, when I Iay down late one afternoon years ago, concentrating healing for my first dear Mother in law, ill in hospital, overseas and skies in UK. I’ll return below to this, because I need to check how international time fitted.

2.      Also (readers will recall) whilst on a bus to a lecture at Sydney University, I fell asleep. My astral body (you have yours too!), whilst the bus was still way off in transit, my spirit some way ahead, was seen by my colleagues in Psychodrama. One, a senior nurse greeted me way back of Sydney Uni’, outside a lecture room soon to be utilised for a Stanislav Grof’s mighty Transpersonal Psychology Teach-in. As a stranger, I had looked at the uni brass plate, entered the grounds and followed all the arrow sign directions marked for Stanislav, to the appropriate lecture hall. “George is just inside waiting for you”, called out Mary, the nurse, training in psychodrama too.

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