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The Hereafter and Supernatural: How YOU too can Paranormally Research the Afterlife, Past, Present, Future, ‘Now-consciousness’, Spiritual gifts, Transcendence and more
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections

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Date of Publication: 14 Dec 2015
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The Hereafter and Supernatural: How YOU too can Paranormally Research the Afterlife, Past, Present, Future, ‘Now-consciousness’, Spiritual gifts, Transcendence and more

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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Dr Rolls’ (Stuart’s) first psycho-spiritual book was Ghosts E.S.P. and Psychology, and his My Psychic Experiences, U.K., NZ & Australia was hardly in need of critique. It was so knowledgeable, also beautifully auto biographical, sincere and heartfelt. That first edition was followed by its second edition, re-named Afterlife; My Amazing Two-way Contacts with (in UK, NZ & Australia). 

Now he has produced this all-encompassing masterpiece The Hereafter and Supernatural so warmly for readers generally but it is scholarly enough to reach the highest intellect. The remarkable fifteen chapter headings and epilogue note the book’s entire sweep, ranging the whole psycho-spiritual spectrum. Where else in one book would you find researching the past, present and future paranormally and harnessing a ‘now consciousness’, ‘spiritual gifts’ and one’s own transcendence? 

Stuart feels equally at home with Einstein and quantum science generally, in quoting ‘all is in flux’ (never mind time!). These are not only manifest universes where constant material change seems the evolutionary keynote but where we ourselves spiritually/psychically live on and on in spirit, to fully evolve into our higher selves, eternally. No quarrel with religion this – or even science – for quantum thinking notes a certain telepathy between particles of matter. 

Organisations, too, like The Churches Fellowship for Psychic and Spiritual Studies – open to sciences of the paranormal/parapsychological – peacefully bring on dogma free space-age, after-life thinking, for all humanity. Adventure now with Dr Rolls (Stuart) – do!


My initial Afterlife book took in my early days and psycho-spiritual experiences, biographically, around the UK, NZ, and Australia, plus my many astral and spirit journeys too. This new, up to the minute Afterlife – book 2, takes in my latter days and ever continuing experiences, researches, reflections and amazing new spirit contact and interchanges.

Here again, I will be teaching you, dear readers, how to emulate me if so you wish, safely, warmly, spiritually, in the true sense of the word. I’ve had preserved some vintage back-up CDs, Discs, MP3 recordings downloads (with teaching dialogues plus self-help guided relaxation meditations), to my now four self-help book series and now two self-help auto-biographically based Afterlife books and a novel. Google and Amazon etc should locate them.

Getaway to Down Under – a seventh book in total is nominally part fiction, though is very, very, truth based, bearing psychic undertones and psycho-spiritual interplay and revealment. Therefore, all my books/recordings should complement your human journey and knowledge. Readers/listeners are schooled to balance themselves, hence ‘self-help’ etc descriptions, even though, some spiritual knowledge comes via my psychological thriller novel too. Others may be in the pipeline but I need a rest for now. Anyhow, guidance in the information pages at the back of all my books will list and advise on the other books, plus back- up recordings availability. Their similar titles will reflect the books titles and sub themes, including Transcendence, with Past-Lives latest compiling, readying at the time of this latest book’s publication also.

Alone and raising two families, after and in between bereavement and another sad separation and all of this writing and recording, stopped me from being a full time therapist. I’m not complaining but often wonder what I would have been doing at the time of writing, career wise. Anyway, I’m a somewhat retired soul now but can anyone really say that about one’s soul?! 

CHAPTER 3: We humans can bi-locate too, not merely quantum particles

In previous chapters I gradually built up to Quantum Science/Physics, as a lay person, with as natural, logical, ordinary thinking as my average reader – philosophising. We do what we do psychically/spiritually, naturally, according to our development thereof, which I teach in my writings, singly and in groups, workshops etc.

I’ve thought of helpful parallels with the ‘Quantum World’ – analogies if you like, with the seeming telepathy between physical matter down to discrete parts, plus also the unions, separations, re-attractions, with those beautiful, almost romantic pairings of butterflies etc. Similarly as I did in my first Afterlife book, so – not too many new examples now, though this morning in bed I listened to some beautiful, relaxing music. First it was of main melody connective form, then it separated, then seemed to come back with sweet reprise, before fluttering off again. Composers so spiritually move us. All things, it would seem, have a connection.

Let me go back now to ‘the quantum’ with relativity overtones. (Please note initially in my writings I use capitals ahead of small case, mainly to introduce important word headings/subjects till the reader gets familiar with them. I won’t make a separate chapter of this, for we’re not all physical scientists but there can be human or Observer Affects altering what apparently happens (happens?!) with those separating then harmonising – coming together again particles or sub particles, referred to in earlier chapter/s.)

Einstein, in a not too unrelated analogy, showed with his moving train thoughts etc, that the laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion (the same watching train station sort of thing). If we’ve moved on and away within train, plane, spacecraft whatever, it then follows we’re not in the same observer position left behind in its own ‘observer motion field’. In a broad sense it’s ‘where we are at that counts’, as the hippies often used to say, along with such as ‘far out man’, and the like!’ This during the ‘Psychedelic Revolution’, albeit drug aided, researches being as driven as those of the ‘Quantum Revolution’ today, looking for meaning beyond the everyday life. Well I’ve popped in these clues/ threads/parts, as in mystery novels etc, laying groundwork for building my overall case for again – the Oneness of everything, energy, matter, spirit. Plus the fact, as Professor Haldane used to say, ‘Everything is in flux’. We go on to change our immediate World by our surely universally innate energies, observing and affecting them. Unitus Mentoris Corporis Spiritusque (UNITED are MIND BODY and SPIRIT).

If we can so alter our physical world with our own innate drive and energies, combined with spiritual forces too, the same applies physically throughout human reachable space – and yes local ‘time’ in the anywhere physics of uniform motion. 

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