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The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side
Published in United States
Non-Fiction - Mind, Body and Spirit, Inspirational

Date of Publication: 08 Nov 2017
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The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side

Karen A. Anderson

Published by Painted Rain Publishing

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SILVER MEDAL WINNER - Nautilus Book Awards 2017

5-STAR REVIEW  - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

What happens to our pets after they die? Is there another realm where they coexist with our departed human loved ones? 

Are they happy and free from pain? 

Award-Winning Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, Karen Anderson, reveals tantalizing evidence that our pets communicate with us throughout their lives as well as after their physical death. 

Will this evidence prove that our pets continue to send us messages and signs from the Other Side? 

You be the judge. 

Discover how pets feel about death, euthanasia, cremation, reincarnation and so much more. Was it their time to die? Do the pets we had to euthanize forgive us? 

Included are actual sessions with departed animals sharing their loving thoughts and insightful messages. If you are grieving the loss of your beloved pet, you will also learn how to work through your grief and move into healing. 

The purity of the animals' messages may surprise you and they may even present new perspectives about life after death. Discover how deeply your pets love you and how the bonds of love never die as you journey into the amazing afterlife of animals. 

What messages await you?

Chapter 1 -Nowhere Else They Would Rather Be

It was getting late, and Bandit nestled into his favorite spot on the corner of the bed. With sleepy eyes, the large cat watched his human mom turn down the sheets and adjust her pillows. The warm night air carried the scent of lavender and fresh grass as it drifted across the room. 

Lying contently beside him was his best friend, Choo Choo. She was a black cat with splashes of orange and white, often referred to as a tortie or tortoiseshell cat. She had almond-shaped eyes and a small compact body.

Just as Bandit was ready to drift off to sleep, he heard his human mom begin to cry. He turned around to see tears rolling down her face. She held a photo of the two cats in her hands. It had been only three short months since Bandit died, and Choo Choo had passed away just a couple months before him.

“I miss you both so much,” she said softly. “I just wish you were here with me.” The loss of both of her beloved cats was almost too much to bear.

Every night their mom would pick up the framed photo and talk to them about her day. What she didn’t realize was that they already knew what she had been doing — for Bandit and Choo Choo were never far away. Eventually, the tears would come as she longed for just one more moment with the two of them.

“Oh no; mom’s crying again tonight,” Bandit said to Choo Choo.

Choo Choo slowly opened her golden-colored eyes and glanced over to their mom.

“Bandit, she doesn’t know we are here,” Choo Choo said. “She thinks we are in some faraway place or gone forever. Let’s try to let her know we are right here.”

“Mom, we are right here,” Choo Choo said, as she rubbed up against her mom’s hand. “We are always with you.”

“There is nowhere else we would rather be,” Bandit said, as he gently pressed his huge head against her tear-stained face.

Chapter 3 - Law Enforcement Stories

On another night, a call came in for an armed suspect who fled the scene after losing control of his vehicle. I responded with lights and sirens blaring, along with two other officers. 

Alone in the darkness, I scanned the area from a safe position behind a huge pine tree. As I listened to my fellow officers on my pack set, a portable walkie-talkie, I noticed a small herd of deer making their way through the grassy field. They knew I was there from their keen senses.

All of a sudden, the thought popped into my head, Where is he hiding?

It was just a thought in my mind, but I was looking directly at the deer. In an instant, I heard, “Logs, behind the logs,” and then saw the image of a fallen tree flash through my mind. It was just like my own thought, only it wasn’t my thought. I wasn’t thinking about a log. I was thinking, What in the hell am I gonna do if I find this guy?

I drew my weapon and swept back silently through the darkness out of sight. Just ahead, I could see several fallen logs in the grass. My heart was pounding in my chest as I approached. I could feel the suspect’s energy radiating out of the woods. 

“Sheriff’s Office! Show me your hands!” I ordered.

I don’t know where the words came from, but they poured out of my mouth with such a command presence it surprised even me.

“Show me your hands NOW!” I bellowed.

Chapter 11 - The Other Side

What Is the Other Side?

The Other Side is where our animal’s energy exists after their physical body dies. It is another dimension — also referred to as Heaven or Eternity — that overlaps our atmosphere. Once an animal leaves its body, there are many different entry and exit points, called portals, through which their energy, or soul, travel between Earth and the Other Side.

The animals tell me they can appear just about anywhere here on Earth. They can move back and forth between our dimension and theirs with ease. Their favorite entry point is usually in familiar territories, such as their favorite bed, chair or windowsill. Some like to re-enter through outside portals in the yard, such as a field, the barn or any other place that they spent a lot of time.

Where Is the Other Side?

As you’re sitting in your chair reading this book, put your arm out in front of you. Your arm is now on the Other Side. Now, reach down toward your foot. That foot and that hand are on the Other Side. It’s not some far-away Universe or miles above us. It’s right here — all around us.

The overlapping of this other world or dimension is what allows our departed pets to interact with us after their physical death. Some speculate that the Other Side is about two or three feet off the ground, which would explain why some apparitions appear to be floating in the air.

Some animal spirits appear to me at ground level, near my feet or jumping in my lap, while others seem to float and hover in the thin air. Just like our pets, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth. One day, when our time on Earth ends, we will move into other dimensions just as our pets have done before us.

According to the animals, the Other Side is a comfortable, loving, joyous space that encompasses the same areas they enjoyed in physical form. The main difference is now the animal’s spirit, or energy, can go anywhere they want. A fence, a yard or the walls of a house no longer restrict their movement.

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