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Self-Help Psychotherapy
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Self-Help, Mind, Body and Spirit

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Date of Publication: 11 Oct 2014
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Self-Help Psychotherapy

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Published by MoshPit Publishing


East meets West here. ‘Monkshood’ developed at a cracking pace, via latest in-home, marvellous High Tech! Not only for inner peace but Psychotherapeutic Self-Help Release!

Put on goggles or listen to high tech audio (stereophonically synchronising left and right brains), then ‘open sesame’ at the very seat of hang-ups; subconscious/unconscious accessed as never before!

The CDs meditate you! You don’t even have to try, or need to contort yourself in exotic postures. You feel marvellously safe and often euphoric drifting in mind relaxing frequencies with nature sounds, accelerating passage of all that’s been dragging you down (the stuff of Western Psychoanalysis).

Enlightening ‘analysis’ eventuates. Some catharses and you’re free, blissfully as in the East and no Western stigma. Truly, ‘we can work it out’ (The Beatles), ‘heal and know ourselves’ (Greek philosophy).

The author/modern psychotherapist, skilfully blends the psychotherapies into rapid timeframe holistic Meditative High-Tech Therapy. Case histories reveal ‘miracle’ releases you too can achieve!

Stuart, the author, a lifetime Psychospiritual Researcher, Psychotherapist and
Parapsychologist, illuminates all, letting readers into priceless secrets. Even to programming themselves without high-tech!


This is the second book of a trilogy or more covering the psychospiritual range, the first being Ghosts E.S.P. & Psychology—my true life experiences, UK, NZ, and Australia; this one being a self-help guide for utilising high technology in meditative psychotherapy. The third book will also be a self-help guide, in researching and developing the psychic and paranormal, also meditationally. Books might follow on transcendent spirituality/enlightenment; others on dream growth etc. All my books testify to the abilities we all have and can learn from and master on our way to self-healing, realisation and enlightenment. Altered states of consciousness are the key. If Gurus or Masters etc. can use them, as keys to understanding and knowing (all that at our general level of perceiving seems supernatural and paranormal) then so can we. All that is infinite of possibility and eternal of being, we too can live out in our multi-dimensionality. The alternative is to remain stuck in illusory, three dimensional finite thinking.

Nowadays, high technology, in home or elsewhere, can in a sense, give us quantum lift off and arrival. However, before we rush to try and immaturely transcend, as so many do with delusion or ‘holier than thou’ conceit, let me, as a specialist in these subjects, caution and advise, stay novice or apprentice long enough to empty the mind’s negative conditioning first. Without its illusory hold there’s no limit in how eternally we’ll cognise. Please don’t skip the unwanted mental/ emotional mind-stuff baggage that, by degrees, we all should off before we psychospiritually journey on. Don’t cop-out or leave it on hold; allow some healing and re-scripting. Then your own Mastership will soar more—take eternal wing, beyond all the ego stuff.

Those who read this book will certainly know more about the benefits of healthier, happier, more relaxed living. They’ll know more too about mental hygiene, as in orthodox psychiatry and as in self-help, self-realisation techniques. Essentially I’ll be giving you, dear reader, an East-West synthesis or approach, though in our modern World where we’re more globally attuned to one another, much of the traditional Eastern psychology, (or for those who are purist about the word ‘psychology’, then say psychospiritual awareness), has moved over to the West already. The ‘New Age’ movement is witness to this World centering of beliefs and practices. Enlightenment or higher consciousness, or more accurately the keys to them, await the reader, plus concomitant spirituality, moral strength, intuitive and various transformational shifts, even the development of paranormal, psychic or spiritual gifts (examined more fully in my next book).

In short, readers should find in this book pathways to peace of mind, emotions, body and spirit, via meditational altered states of consciousness, naturally occurring or high tech induced. Even if one seldom reaches natural states of healing or transformative relaxation, or does not use the modern sophisticated ‘mind tools’ now available to the masses, this psychospiritual exposition sets out to teach how the mind works and how to let it be free, without too much meditation.

‘Knowing thine own self’, ‘being true to oneself’, ‘physician healing thyself’, are all deeply helpful and meaningful paraphrasings, along with others, from holy, esoteric or philosophical books or treatises that accord with this book’s purpose. Self-knowledge and self-realisation also “self-actualisation” (a term used by Maslow, a transpersonal psychology pioneer) are freedom ideas we’ll be exploring throughout this book.

Accelerated psychospiritual freedoms via high tech meditation will, of course, spare people from lifetimes or much of lifetimes spent miseries, whatever their hang-ups or not being at peace or ‘actualised’. This will help them be reborn, regenerated, ‘made over’, harmonised, or made whole, or in essence, psychospiritually healed. Words more heartening perhaps than analysed, probed, drugged, shocked (as in ECT, electroconvulsive shock treatment) though these orthodox psychiatric treatments have their uses as we shall continually see, in part, along with so many other allied therapies and fringe therapies. Freud and psychiatry in general, as well as clinical psychology, were and still are monumentally pioneer. This I will show when I come to discuss catharses or emotional release etc., as well as the formation of our character traits, through to neuroses, psychoses, and other mind-to-body crippling states (and of course crippling to the entrapped soul as well).

I will make the writing free and easy and not too heady, illustrating here and there from others case histories as well as my own, autobiographically. I’m not too proud to share my own ‘growth’ through the psychotherapies to, finally, meditation. I swear if I’d taken to meditation (not any old meditation but psychospiritual) first, I could have done largely, if not completely, without those other therapies. No regrets! However the largely physical techniques in Hatha yoga relaxation which still the mind, sustained me in my early years of ongoing research.

Because I’ve bridged Eastern and Western philosophies and therapies, psychospiritually over a lifetime, I can now help pioneer an amalgamation of what is best in both, and help lead the way to the psychology of the future, along the cutting edge, avant-garde experiences and researches of mine and others.

As stated in my earlier book Ghosts E.S.P & Psychology, quoting my personal experiences is not meant to sound egotistical (usually one wishes to hide one’s hang-ups, pains, sillinesses, etc.) but to truthfully back up with the compelling evidence of self struggle and learning, the claims for healing and growth made herein about high tech meditation. Good luck to those I hope will adventure through this book endeavouring to free themselves to more poised and happy living, as I and countless others have done and are still doing.

In many ways the 20th Century was so heavily unkind to our psyches, but in the scientific order that it had to manifest, it helped us to streamline the lasting truths of earlier millennium’s old knowledge, at the bridgehead I for one have been interfacing with.

Now we have to glean from out the not inconsiderable nonsense’s of our so-called Aquarian or ‘New Age’, wisdom for our new psychology, fashioned (what isn’t?) by so much that earlier planetary humans experienced in their psyches, now bequeathed to us.

Relaxation techniques, ancient and modern, are legion but require, according to one’s choice of method, different degrees of not always easy practice. Further, they might only psychosomatically and/ or psychospiritually de-stress us temporarily. Monks have used some of them over millenniums during their constant self-disciplines but, be it noted, as reclusives, in retreats. Now what about these ‘in-home’ methods?

High tech meditation via sophisticated apparatus, as I’ve already indicated, speeds things up at such a rapid pace that we don’t need difficult disciplines or lifetimes in monastic retreats to attain the bliss, the happiness, the more fulfilling spirituality and moral purpose that seems to flow on from releasing our minds. By ‘releasing’ I mean first using the technology to decondition our minds from all the ‘stuff’ that haunts, limits or demeans us, searching for our true potential. My various chapters will make all clear. High tech will be shown as modern pathway to our own inner psychospiritual retreats, despite our non-monastic, 21st Century up-coming tumultuous lives.

It has been a custom to place single quote marks around words like ‘hang-ups’, ‘stuff’, ‘mind-tools’, ‘highs’ and ‘states’ etc., within the disciplines in which I write. Other disciplines have their words used in unfamiliar or new ways too, indicated by such marks. However, unless I come up on words during the chapters that have not by then become familiar jargon, I’ll drop the single quotes, letting the context reveal meanings and I’ll drop a lot of hyphens as linked words become familiar.

I may repeat this occasionally, but just as a thing of beauty is a joy forever, so too are the gems of Eternal truth written into this book, gathered over millenniums by Masters and which I do my best to convey. They’ve taken scholars and all, whole lifetimes to absorb, so I will myself, repeat them here and there, in different contexts and ways. This helped readers of my first psychospiritual book, so I’ll continue that guidance here. I’m addressing profound concerns for all us humans, so please experts or purists, patience, if you’re more scholarly in one discipline than I, whilst I try to tackle all holistically, herein. (I do lead readers to other books/material in bibliography).

Chapter I

Everywhere abounding is some escape from life’s turmoil for all of us. Ever sat sleepily around a flickering campfire when the night cries sound mysteriously in the dark all around, no-one wishing to talk? Perhaps someone plays a haunting, echoing mouth organ (as I’d do) or, softly strums a soothing guitar, and their sleepy sounds drift downstream, valley, or reach mountain peaks. Even jogging or other exercise can bring about highs or ecstasy. Things happen to the brain chemistry, as I shall show later. Endorphins release and we become opiated. Far better this way than with drugs or alcohol. This is really getting real, far out, into the states that therapists can heal in. So! We’ve mentioned fire-watching or gazing, exercise, nature experiencing or just being still at some other peaceful recreation, say fishing. Wouldn’t you wonder, many of you, what can others see in sitting at the end of a fishing pole all day, come hail or shine?! Well, they apparently see plenty! Radiance is upon their faces. For a while they’ve tasted the bliss, it seems, that can be beyond their everyday stifling stuff. They’re switched off, gone on ‘cloud nine’ and, who hasn’t seen those wisps of white cloud drifting across the blue—in our angler’s case, no doubt reflected in the water?

Gardeners experience their seasonal delights lost in Nature, as in the verse above, written after a dreamy creative day working in my parent’s garden. My mind was at such dispeace in those days that making the garden attractive helped soothe me but I’ll come to case histories by and by. The poem incidentally, was probably helped along subconsciously by similar lines elsewhere but reveals what I’m saying about the minds releases in creativity. The aim in this book is to show how to deal with subconscious/unconscious depths creatively too. Whether we escape into the countryside, the arts, our hobbies, (for some even compulsively, see on) the effects, the glow or whatever heights we’ve been able to soar to, eventually expire and we become drawn back to our lesser, often suffering reality. Our stuff simply doesn’t go away, our data’s merely been on hold. Yet by degrees we’ve seen the promised land. Watching the tides, the endless river, a baby’s smile, or, with newly born animals, their first faltering steps, watching the sunrise or sunset—all of these and more things give us a sense of continuity, the eternal, beyond our own shaky footsteps, across the sands of our own finiteness, toward infinity and forever.

We glimpse more and more of what eternally can be, as we’re progressively freed of Worldly hang-ups. Why not travel lighter? It can be done, to such “high plateau” living (Maslow).

The reader will no doubt think of many other ways that bring on temporary bliss or relief, occurring occasionally, slowly over time, naturally and without meditative help or training. Sometimes states alter behaviour in a flash more uniquely (e.g. Saint Paul on the road to Damascus. I’m not trying to be too religious). Maslow, previously mentioned, would call these “peak experiences”, immediate transportation past earthly woes to that feeling realm of total understanding, totality in the moment, beyond time, a forever Oneness. We speak here of reassurance that somehow everything is appropriate on one’s seeming journey back to Source (our origins, as in perhaps the case of the Prodigal Son who never was truly parted, allegorically, from his true spiritual home).

I’ll come back to Earth, so as not to lose the more conventional, orthodox or scientific enquirer! Yet my academic degrees cover their aspects too, though I’ll not desert my grass-roots origins or Eastern friends or anyone, weaving all the separate many hued threads into one tapestry of a book before the closing cover, I promise.

Chapter X

New Age meditation, as is now practised in the West, is set like most disciplines in ancient well tried knowledge and methods but is solidly now avant-garde and cutting edge, especially the high tech component. It doesn’t strive to copy Psychotherapy or talk Psychology, though it shares many of the same philosophical roots. It’s not too reductionist to say and repeat (as in my first book) that human inquiry into its own nature, spirit, place in the Universe and beyond is, what all this psychospirituality is about. Put simply, all proceeds from out of the nebulous reaches of initial philosophy; enquiry into the nature of being and all that it implies. Different disciplines follow their different tributaries or valleys, but have as source the same mountain top; diversity therefore in unity and vice versa. With regard to say religious type rivers of thought, starting from Oneness or Source, narrow creed or sect can open itself back up again to the fountainhead, atop that mountain of original thought; again Oneness.

Things appear differently in every age. Synchronicity and the best of New Age leadership (that helps you find your own leadership, do note!) ever brings us back to Source. At this stage we’re finally getting together as one World. We ponder what brings about this dawning of so called New Age; this climatic dawning for freer awareness (truth in consciousness always there, but previously mostly hidden behind the struggle to exist and ‘illusions curtain’; see on):

To begin with we’ve barely had a couple of hundred years or so of so called modern industrial—and therefore social and economic change. Against that small tick on history’s time scale, humans have spent maybe a few thousand years teasing out life’s meanings, but before that perhaps nigh on half a million years were spent merely subsisting. What sort of brain wave states might we have had then, given that our brains had barely evolved? However, it’s obvious we’ve now come of age.

Power worldwide, nowadays comes more democratically in the hands of the people, New Age. Not so much under the auspices of Church, all-powerful States, Principalities, tyrants, despots, or non-Constitutional Monarchs, etc. Under some of the above, of course, there is a spiritual thirst created but denied. Humankind knows what it wants. Belonging and believing in things more profound than the dualism of death and decay, on the way back to Source is, it seems, vital to human faith and condition. If we are eternal spirits we should be able to know this for ourselves, being one with eternal outreach. Who else can truly be more than us to know, in one Oneness? Eastern philosophy has long shown finite time as curtain of illusion. Draw it back and we are blissfully in eternal truth and light. Christ’s words, so often misquoted and fought over in religions, tell all in “The Kingdom of God is within”. Yet churches and isms ever instruct us with their own agendas, creeds, purposes, dogmas etc. But the true Christ said: “Consider the lilies of the field, see how they grow”, implying they care not and that there is completion of being and provision thereof, within us individually. The surest philosophy or teaching, in a quantum physics space-age educating us beyond ‘relativity’, is surely that of ‘knowing ourselves’, as the Greeks aeons ago guided us so to do, with their free-thought. Religions have become too one-eyed with their God or Gods, for the multi-dimensional ‘New Age’ World view now arising. This one World can never be at the centre nor the heart of their one God’s domain. Countless Worlds ‘out there’ would beg to differ with our puny one World God or Gods. Our World religionists surely have to come to a space age idea of a God for infinite Worlds.

 I’m not here to quarrel with religion but reveal interfaces within interfaces to whatever power. Christ is quoted within the context of his day. But as I read Him His God was Source, Oneness, etc. and we are one with all that; sons, daughters, similarly. I still praise Him for His sacrifice to prove eternal survival from ‘the beyond’, which left great legacy for those interested enough not to dogmatise it (not to mention reincarnational evidence admitted by the Early Church). So! As old ideas and religions give away beneath their dust ‘New Age’ ones arise. Often it is a case of the old guard in new uniform, as for instance where Communism gives way to budding Democracy etc. Yet it’s a chance to start anew with fresh space-age ideas; disregard what has been superseded and hopefully keep the best and constantly proven—the gems of lasting truth, often sadly after repressive purges.

The current ‘New Age’ movement seems to be popularly widespread and peaceful. There’s a lot of the vacuum I alluded to earlier still about; a thirst and often a gullibility. Therefore a lot of money is being made. The manufacture of gimmicks is rampant. Much apparatus is claimed to put us in touch with galactic as well as celestial beings or wildly claimed to make us the Gods of Earth and Universe: Star-Lord Rulers of Forever. This is not the same as the more spiritual teachings of Oneness and Source.

Now let’s see what’s on offer, attending Mind, Body & Spiritual Festivals or reading ‘New Age’ Catalogues. A lot relates to HTM which as well as other type meditations and therapies, recognises the value of bringing about felt mind/body/spirit energy stress shifts, as we’ve previously noted? It’s as though these have to clear the body to release yet more. This becomes easy to understand if we consider why, when we’ve been under threat or attack and we’ve been unable to respond or run clear (the old fight or flight dilemma again), the body systems long remain racing. Heart, lungs and blood thump, gasp and pump wildly, unused adrenalin etc. choking our systems.

No action causes a reaction, in our systems, every time we recall an initial anxiety producing situation. To avoid the continuing anxiety and psychosomatic pressure we have to get back or climb upon the proverbial ladder or horse, or whatever caused the frightening or threatening experience. We can generalise this out to most of life’s untoward experiences. We need to face up to them or suffer internally/externally.

Chapter XIII

Summing up, together we’ve looked at or considered (for we’re all one unity really) naturally occurring and spontaneous meditative states, highs, awarenesses, by whatever name we want to call them. We’ve reflected on quiet tranquil angling and it doesn’t seem to matter too much if we don’t catch anything on the end of the fishing line. Similar pursuits that bring peace also don’t seem to rely on the booty or the catch. Escape, bush, the wilderness or some quiet corner is what it’s all about. I’ve never read Isaac Walton’s book on fishing, but I wager he’d have mentioned those moments of reverie.

Born in an industrial city, I, along with my brothers, would have to rely upon park lakes and connecting waterways, to play by and paddle in, sometimes with children’s fishing nets, near sweet scented flower beds and grassy banks. Perhaps urban, or nearly all children, are moved by similar places, getting themselves ‘spaced out’, ‘time-flying’,‘lost’ in reverie and invariably in trouble for being home late. Zoos and castles (and nowadays theme parks and TV) heighten kids’ awarenesses too, so rich are their imagination’s. We all have our memories, our moments of reverie and yes, transcendence. School outings too were a pleasure. My! How we lived ‘in-the-moment’ beyond time and ego. Why? Because children in relaxed brainwave sets, are more in theta actually, until they’re brought ‘down-to-earth’, as time goes by. So many wondrous, timeless moments of childhood are stored nostalgically, until we lose our innocence. What escape! Having to come back more fully into the rancour and clamour of the World (to such cries as ‘sleepy’ or ‘dream head’), ended the escape from that innocence and true transcendental seeing (a familiar paradox). Ah! Back to the rock pools, the green lichen, tumbling waterfalls, darting dragonflies, bluebirds, the season’s elements, light and shade, sand between our toes and trickling through our fingers, snowballs and icicles, and waiting for Father Christmas and not Old Father Time!

What do kids know or care about time or beta waves! The sound in seashells is eternal!

Flickering fires we recall, nod us off not necessarily to sleep but, reverie, tranquillity, peace. Observe if we can, and memories of long ago float up. Perhaps we go back to those rivers and streams, outings and nature as seen through our child’s eyes. Then perhaps we recall and live again the love and embraces of those long gone days of innocence, caring, sharing, growing. Stop! The hurts begin to more than float up. “Switch off! Can’t stand it!” Wait again—let’s replay: “Don’t switch off, you can stand it; patience; it’s bearable; take those innocent, pleasant, golden other memories with you; let the ‘fool’s gold’, the negative unreal stuff pass away, because it can’t hurt you now. Just watch data fade without reacting, it’s not really passing, but what is passing is your chance to forever react badly to it, reinforcing it, forever feeding and substantiating it, being laden by it, its energy keeping your brainwave patterns in unnecessary draining profiles.

Swedenborg, I think, wrote” Man’s destiny is written in his stars” or words to that effect. I’d say our data is written in our ‘resting’ or brainwave pattern overall (profile), though of course, we can rescript it powerfully. At this stage of the art, we’ve been able to correlate just a little (see on) of how brainwave patterns (BWPs) can be taken as one set of physiological findings, indexing our data. By ‘resting’ BWPs, I mean our current average everyday print-out of selves, not the supernormal states we can reach in meditation, only held for a while. The promise is we’ll eventually be able to hold on to expanded brainwave states constantly. The print-outs of some swamis and yogis brainwaves are quite amazing (see data print-outs).

“Unless we see as little children” says, more or less, the Bible, doesn’t it? Well, we can be as little children, mainly in innocent theta in our meditations. I say ‘innocent’ because with it there seems such Buddha like peace and Buddhists “right way of living”.

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