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Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Mental Health, Self-Help

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Date of Publication: 11 Oct 2014
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Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams

Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD

Published by MoshPit Publishing


Dreams have always been a source of mystery and interest. They’ve also been associated with a lot of superstitious nonsense and mumbo-jumbo. Interpretations of their meanings, over centuries, have been so diverse, it’s no wonder that only now are we beginning to make sense of them psychologically, as well as parapsychologically.

Jung and others paved the way historically, so that with hindsight we could dimly analyse but a few dreams, too late, after they’d happened. Now we can use in-home high tech to monitor them psychotherapeutically, and act in them right in the moment they occur.

It could be telepathy, prophecy, clairvoyance, astral travel etc we’re looking for in our dream states (dealt with briefly herein, yet more specifically in the sister book to this). Empoweringly here, we learn to be our own ‘in-dream therapist’ richly transforming self hang-ups.

Why should our dark dreams and nightmares haunt us any longer, or even lighter ones puzzle us? They can be understood, questioned, turned around, put right, reasoned with, in all their seeming un-reason.

High-tech goggles (lightweight, battery powered) worn as we rest and sleep, detect rapid eye movements (REMs) then signal us, via flashing lights, that we’re lucid dreaming. Then is the magic time for ‘doctoring’!

Stuart, the author, a lifetime Psychospiritual Researcher, Psychotherapist and Parapsychologist, illuminates all, letting readers into priceless secrets. Even to programming themselves without high-tech!


Dreams have always been a source of mystery and interest. They’ve also been associated with a lot of superstitious nonsense and mumbo jumbo. Interpretations of their meanings, over centuries, have been so diverse, it’s no wonder that only now are we beginning to psychologically, as well as parapsychologically, make sense of them. Jung and others paved the way historically, so that with hindsight we could dimly analyse but a few dreams, too late, after they’d happened. Now we can use in-home high tech. to monitor them psychotherapeutically, and act in them right in the moment they occur. It could be telepathy, prophecy, clairvoyance, astral travel etc., we’re looking for in our dream states (dealt briefly with herein, yet more specifically in sister book to this). Empoweringly here, we learn to be our own ‘in-dream therapist’, transforming self hang-ups.

Why should our dark dreams and nightmares haunt us any longer, or even lighter ones puzzle us? They can be understood, questioned, put right, reasoned with, in all their seeming un-reason.

High tech. goggles (lightweight, battery powered) worn as we rest and sleep, detect rapid eye movements (REMs), then signal us, via flashing lights, we’re lucid dreaming. A magic time for ‘doctoring’! Essential REM dreaming time only occurs for a few minutes each hour and a half. Non-REM, so called dreamless sleep, seems more will-o’-the-wisp; understood more by psychic adepts (see ‘Meditating The Paranormal’ also ‘via in-home high tech.’; and perhaps my next book, more specifically on dream state astral travel).

Only part of us wakes up to potentially doctor, our ‘living dreams’ (so real we often doubt we’re asleep). Without too much awakening we could also arrange voice activated tape recordings for later, further enlightening. However, the challenge for therapeutic doctoring, progress and growth from our dreams, can be very much noted. Some parts are fantasy and entertainment of course and better than the ‘movies’! Why waste that huge part of our lives usually lost in them? The book’s case histories, psychologically teach and easily guide one in methods of marvellous ‘in-dream work’, sometimes without high tech. Simple time switches and/or auto suggestion can substitute. No one is now denied therapeutic and other awareness in 21st Century dreaming.

Superstition, regarding dreams, still abounds, as already remarked, but the book will go over the latest researches in dream laboratories and elsewhere. Not much has been done on dream therapy and indeed this book is something of a first, especially where high tech. is utilised.

Some scholarly research has been done on dream telepathy and out of the body experiences (OOBEs or OBEs, so abbreviated), remote viewing, also healing, etc. These will be referred to in the various chapters (see list) but come more under the headings of Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology, not strictly Psychotherapy. Meditational and Altered States of Consciousness Movements and Practices, provide of course, the grassroots material for these relatively new Para or Trans Psychologies. Psychotherapy (in dreams) will remain the central theme of this book but the other disciplines will be shown to merge with it, in overview—holistically. All is interfacing splendidly, as we begin our new century.

I (the author) have written three books already across the whole psychospiritual spectrum (see bibliography), the first being more autobiographical, stretching back decades (‘Ghosts, ESP & Psychology, My True Life Experiences UK, NZ, & Australia’). It concerned my years in Psychic Research (the old term for Parapsychology), bridging to and with Psychotherapy. Some of this was group therapy, notably Psychodrama, at which I directed. However, I’d begun as a hands on Psychic Healer years before, and later tried Hypnotherapy, noting that my energies quickly put people into soothed, relaxed, altered states of consciousness. I’d been a natural enough meditator myself, before the advent of high tech., which fortunately I did not need, to become that healer and also a clairvoyant etc.

It was inevitable that when high tech. came along to assist people in their meditative growth work, I would open up from that first book of mine and write the next two. I’d not only done pre-high tech. development work on myself psychotherapeutically, but I’d psychically developed myself also. Albeit, I’d used the natural, slower ways. Respectively, these usually took lifetimes in therapies, training groups, ashrams, retreats, etc. Anyway, with fast track high tech., I could then treat myself as a guinea pig and meditate and develop further, both therapeutically and paranormally. I wasn’t the perfect psychic, so allowed room for growth there and, even after years of psychological growth, I had some hang ups left (a wardrobe full, judging by my upset formative years!).

‘Self Help Psychotherapy’ (Meditatively via High Tech.) and ‘Meditating The Paranormal’(via in-home High Tech.) just had to be those ultimate two books—or so I thought. But no! I still wasn’t psychically developed as far as I would want to go. That I knew. Neither was all my psychological stuff shifted, for fearful and bizarre things still hung about in my dreams. I researched yet again. Was I to finally get progressed enough with continuing high tech. meditation techniques? Or, was there something swifter in this more aware dream monitoring, and transformation of ones nature thereby, psychotherapeutically? There would be the other interesting spin-offs in there too; those telepathic and astral, transpersonal and parapsychological categories. All adds up or leads to eventual enlightening and transcendence, if we follow the holistic pattern. Each book opens up more, and I feel there might yet be an extra couple I’ll have to undertake. This to do justice to the continuum or spectrum. However, justice first to ‘Dreamology & Doctoring Your Dreams’.

As you’ll see, dear reader, I’ll first present what I know and have experienced, only with natural development overall. Then I’ll show what I and others have achieved in rapid time frame meditation, with high tech. (to quickly approach becoming partially transcended to the same degree as some lifetime served Monks!).

Following this, come with me on a journey I know not where, dream doctoring, with high tech. devices as yet untried by me. As a Psychospiritual Practitioner of long standing I should be able to help you avoid scary but worthwhile mistakes I might make, even with my insights. Also, I might be able to bring an excitement to your adventure and help along an abiding peace, with bliss for your days thereafter.

Chapter III

Other people’s ideas about what our dreams are supposed to mean are legion, and about as variable as liquorice allsorts, or indeed all the sweets and lollies one could find in an old fashioned sweetshop! Yet, as human beings, we pride ourselves on that individuality and uniqueness that makes us as different as our ‘one off’, distinct set of finger prints.

Birds flock together and fly off at migration times. We’ve all perhaps marvelled at how they wing and turn in common purpose, in one mind, seemingly. We humans get into all sorts of common purposes, at times of war or natural disaster, for instance. In peaceful competition or enjoyment too, as in the spirit of the Olympic Games, or at The Prom’s or Religious or Rock Festivals etc. These themes will be opened up more in my chapter on Transpersonal Psychology.

It would seem then, that we humans can have our diversity as well as our unity, as patterns, in a sense, within a whole or larger pattern. We do have a collective background and identity and this is what Carl Jung and others have thought of as pooled in a collective unconsciousness. This group awareness is seen as mental, emotional and increasingly as spiritual. These feelings, one might positively resonate with, say at peaceful concerts or festivals. Things are sometimes negative at say certain sports venues, where hooliganism and the worst of the pack instinct might break out. Crowd people can seem to have their individual guard telepathically broken down by mass hysteria, not being themselves any more, but multi headed monsters. Peaceful intent on the part of masses (yes and no doubt the religious kind too!) brought down the Berlin Wall and all it powerfully symbolised—the Communist block versus the Western block, warlike confrontation, and very near that ending life on the Planet, no less. Everything we create begins in human mind and spirit first. It behoves us all to live separately peacefully, but also together as One, on Mother Earth, yet positively, non-negatively.

All of the above common purposes, positive or negative, refer to us in our dream being and exploration too. We find our individual concerns therein but often influenced by that collective, which we in turn can affect. That’s alright if it’s the Spirit of Peace or say Christmas or other Thanksgiving or Festival etc., we can’t help but want to get with. Not if it’s overwhelming fear, horror, inhuman or other negative category. Surely we’d would rather individually choose to share, give out to the collective and rejoice in it’s blissful things? Surely too, we would want to opt out when we don’t want what it’s negatively coming at us with!

Chapter VII

Parapsychology, the newer term for what was originally known as Psychic or Psychical research, is a science. Obviously it cannot go on anything but general science provability. Gullibility is out. Strict parameters of established evidence only, are in. Its researchers of course, may have or speculate private views and/or consider anecdotal evidence. A lot of meditations and dreamology claims will take aeons of time for this establishment to properly approve of. It is however, in the nature of things that private, grassroots researchers, are very much on their own. Pioneers have to understand this. Psychiatry too, as with all advancing subjects, needs very scientific scrutiny and careful evaluation of would be new evidence, at its or any grassroots. The point is, Dreamology is very much a healing hinterland yet. You’re on your own with it— an adventurer and discoverer in your own dreamland. You take responsibility for yourself. ‘To thine own self be true’ (as the Ancient Greeks would have it). You’re unique. Your dreams are unique.

Others can only guide and advise you. However you wouldn’t be reading this if you wanted to trust all to the old therapies—but out of which much beautiful refining is taking place. There! That’s inspired you surely? Life can seem so meaningless without challenge. Now we can all be like star-trekkers in our own inner universe and who knows—even higher, greater states!?

Transpersonal Psychology, in the next chapter, you’ll no doubt find more accepting of where you’re at. It’s more humanistic, we’ll see. Yet many miraculous seeming things have already been patiently established in Parapsychology, even if it is not it’s place to philosophically understand or accept possible ramifications thereof. Spiritual or after life belief movements and religions hold to this domain. This is not to say that Parapsychologists aren’t spiritual or religious. Anyway, we’re going to find a lot of inevitable religious, philosophical and spiritual content as we open up Parapsychology. It’s the other side of the coin.

Dreams and dreamwork have attracted a lot of parapsychological enquiry. One parapsychological researcher I read of years ago, named Le Shan, was interested in ESP—clairvoyance and the like. He had specifically noted, as I have over the years, that ‘intentionality’ is the key in any psychic or parapsychological endeavour. Christ called it faith (“whatsoever you believe in, so shall it happen unto you”). To paraphrase that in brackets a little more, we might say ‘for you’. I wouldn’t want readers to give credence to darker aspects of metaphysics—‘unto you’ suggesting we may be the victims; but that was the old King James version of the Bible. Though language changes, I think most folk would realise Jesus’s meaning. Actually he went further, suggesting if we believe as if things had already happened unto or for us, so have they already come to pass. That would take very powerfully intentioned, believing, faithful minds, wouldn’t it?

Faith and belief is indeed the switch or trigger. I’m writing here of Jesus the holy and metaphysical saintly person, as I say more about his teachings. Like so many other holy workers he knew about being positive. Belief works positively in all things and most superlatively when the mind is set free, to soar metaphysically or paranormally in faith. To this we might add, set free also in dreams, higher altered states etc. What magic might we weave and spin in dreams, with all the aforementioned creativity let loose!?

Dream Laboratories and other associated Foundations have been researched in for decades now. Enough has been proven for parapsychologists to accept the evidence for much paranormal happening. Just about all aspects of ESP have been examined including that sent or received telepathically etc.; healing and other energies too—all psi.

 Our concern is with dreams still, though it won’t hurt us to know what else is going on at specialist foundations and labs, before my coming to some specific examples. OOBEs (I abbreviate to OBEs) out of the body experiences, have been well tested too (at least by what’s correlating to them). Remote viewing is an aspect of this. Psycho-motive, better known as psychokinetic movements of objects (without apparent human physical help), has also been under research. Levitation or disturbance not just of objects but of people by themselves, is another aspect of the paranormal. Any phenomena that could be involved is known or posited by that neutral word psi (23rd letter of the Greek alphabet).

Chapter VIII

Transpersonal Psychology, still refining itself, is part of the whole Transpersonal movement. The roots of this movement grew out of disenchantment with pioneer psychology, psychiatry and the older psychotherapies. It started in the late 1960s; an offshoot of humanistic psychology and the psychedelic revolution. The dangerous and often unpredictable effects of street drugs and the whole involved drug scene, in turn, upset the establishment which Humanistic Psychology was complaining about. Psychoanalysis and Behaviourism (a discipline about shaping present behaviour, that doesn’t bother at all about earlier conditioning, nor the dream states) had had their limitations and/or bad side effects too. What was to come, out of all this upheaval?

Dreams and altered states were so obviously being affected by drugs. Pink elephants etc., weren’t the only things witnessed by‘users’. More importantly, Humanistic psychologists, so named (though all carers in the psychotherapeutic field are surely humanistic), were interested in altered states healing potential. Notwithstanding this, it’s still to be appreciated that early pioneer hypnotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, had been interested in the healing potential of dreams.

Anyway, to briefly sum up, sufficiently for my compact book: Humanistic psychology’s positive values that had perhaps more deeply looked at human traits, than had more clinical earlier movements, joined with Transpersonalists whose ideas encompassed even spiritual concepts of human beings. Together, now as Transhumanists, they’d validate the fuller human feeling experience of emotions and sentiments, mystical and spiritual states, and perception (all be it often drug induced) beyond the everyday ego. Maslow and Sutich were pioneers who later joined up with other doctors and psychiatrists, notably Grof. They decided to rename Transhuman Psychology as Transpersonal Psychology.

Dreamstates and all inner looking is a very personal thing, as were the psychedelic drug trips people would experience. The prefix Trans, added to what was considered unique in people—personal, simply implied across or even parallel and beyond normal ego; thus Transpersonal.

Grof had first practised in his native Czechoslovakia, before teaming up with his new colleagues in the USA. He’d used LSD with psychiatric patients. Mystical and spiritual states that he would by earlier conventions, have to label and pathologise as mental illness, began to make sense. This, not only to his patients but to himself. Maslow’s research into spontaneous spiritual and mystical states, simultaneously in the USA, had led to him naming them ‘peak experiences’. They were so rich and beyond the conventional psychiatric wisdom. I hasten to add—but not in the East, with its ancient wisdoms, realising humans are more than mere mind and body.

Dreams may show us some of the more positive stuff that psychedelic drug users experienced. Transpersonal psychologists have, incidentally weaned people from drugs, replacing such usage with healthier ways of relaxing into therapeutic altered states. Techniques of yoga relaxation and special breathing, have much more healthily and predictability brought up ego and beyond ego consciousness stuff. In my last chapter I wrote of transcendence of distance, dream meeting with my Mother. In another case I dream travelled to meet with a cardiac doctor or surgeon (I never did ascertain his role on the team). In this last case, I not only transcended spatial distance, but time also. I hadn’t yet met the dear fellow!

Grof too, discovered in his patients that the normal space/time ego barriers he’d previously worked in, were being surpassed. Parapsychology deals with the same findings, as a general science. Grof, Maslow and Transpersonal Psychology were therapeutically focusing and specialising.

I’ve written earlier that some of the apparent crazinesses of psychiatric/psychotherapy patients/clients, could be misunderstood glimpses into the collective unconscious. I intimated further, that much other stuff beyond our little self contained ego units, could be that of higher consciousness. If we stand in bush below a mountain we can’t see very far can we? That’s one level of perception we’re conscious of. Atop the mountain, our consciousness reaches far beyond the opposite side and maybe far back across land and oceans to far horizons behind us. If we spun around we’d soon lose the ego concepts of direction too. We’ve spent our lifetimes, blindly aware mainly, only of the body space we’ve inhabited.

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