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Mother Nature Reincarnated
Published in Australia
Fiction - Fantasy, Fiction - General

Smashwords: 9781925814002
Mobi: B07CPRWD2Z

Date of Publication: 17 Apr 2018
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Mother Nature Reincarnated

Robyn L. Taylor

Published by IndieMosh

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The story you are about to read is a fictional tale that I have predicted to be the possible future of our lives and our Earth, as humanity continues to take the natural environment for granted. Pollution, global warming and climate change have continued to devastate our planet, and guess who is to blame for our decreasing water resources? Our increasing humidity and heat? Our loss of beautiful and unique natural habitats? Our loss of beautiful and unique species of flora and fauna? Our depleting natural ecosystems and acidification of waterways? Humanity. That is your answer. I bet you didn’t know that humans were the only species on Earth that consciously acts out in selfish deeds for the benefit of themselves, often at times without any guilt or remorse for the outcome of their actions. However, even though humanity is to blame for the Earth dying in many ways, there are those amongst the takers of the world whose sole purpose and heart are focused on conserving and protecting the natural environments of the Earth. This story reaches out to those who fight for the planets survival. Let the energy from Mother Nature flow through your mind as you get pulled into the lives of those who are thrown together and intertwined to make this fictionally predicted future come to life.

Small extraction from Chapter One Tasmanian tiger: Last captive one died at Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, 1936. Extinct.

NIERA held on to her lunch quite strongly as they cruised along the freeway into the city. Her stomach was throwing flips inside that caused her to swallow the nachos that were clinging to the back of her throat. She didn’t do well when it came to sitting in the car’s backseat for more than 10 minute drives. She often suffered from car sickness, flight sickness, just motion sickness in general. She was also known to start blowing chunks after taking five spins in the pool with her eyes closed preparing for a game of “Marco Polo”. As Niera clutched on to her mid drift to calm her raging stomach, her hair fell in curls of brown and liquid blonde puffs over her shoulders, shielding her from the piercing rays of the rising sun. She was picking at her nails, well what was left of them to pick. She had bitten down hard enough to pierce her skin and cause blood to flow. Her fingernails weren’t exactly the best. She knew long ago that she would never be a hand model. She had experienced too much anxiety for her nails to be perfect and unbitten. She never saw herself as perfect; to be honest she had a list of things she would have loved to change about herself. She desired longer hair that flowed along her hips and a stomach that didn’t cause so many issues and perhaps be flatter in some places. You know, to have all the right bumps and lumps in the right places. But she was who she was, and she was just starting to understand the things that she liked about herself. She had her headphones on and her music pumped through her head, taking her mind off the swirling sick feeling that stayed inside her gut and the spinning in her head. As she took in a deep breath, she could feel the tension in her body escape as she let go of the negative energy that clung to her body and soul. Then, for a split second, things stopped and everything went quiet. Her music was tuned out by shrieks and deathly groans as a truck veered off its side of the road and collided side on with the car Niera and her family was in. The car was hit with a bang so loud it burst Niera’s eardrums, she couldn’t hear her mum yelling her name from the passenger seat, and she couldn’t hear her dad yell out in pain as the headlights of the truck slammed into his chest. She could only see as her vision started to fade in and out of darkness, and she could only feel the metal around the car crushing her legs against the car seat like a human burrito being wrapped in metal ready to be eaten by the world. She faded away until the darkness took over her vision and her breath left her lungs in a last gust of hope to suck in oxygen. In a moment of pitch black and nothingness, things began to shift, Niera was in a void filled with nothing, nothing to see, hear, feel or touch. Who knows how long she was trapped in that void. It could have been hours, days even. However, in a sudden sense of motion something swept across Niera’s ears and she could hear a soft striking voice whisper so close to her ear that she almost believed she was still alive and that there was someone definitely next to her. This eerie presence was scary yet defying all possible means of the universe. Goosebumps and shivers ran over Niera’s body urging her to turn and run in the other direction. Then all of a sudden, warmth like the sun on a warm winter’s afternoon caressed her chest and filled her heart with the energy to pump warm blood to the rest of her body. One by one her arms, legs, feet and hands began to heat up to the point where Niera’s body relaxed and she felt as though she had been swallowed by a giant marshmallow and was being dipped in warm sweet honey. And again that voice came to her. It was whispering the same conversation over and over again until Niera understood what she was saying. It hit her all at once, this woman wasn’t whispering, she was shouting in a delicate sweet voice. She was claiming to be Mother Nature, the spirit of Mother Nature and the Mother of the Earth. She had been seeking an opportunity for millions of years, an opening in time and space to reincarnate herself into the body of someone who saw the damage, destruction and slaughter the Earth had faced. In true fact, she was waiting for Niera, it was fate that was written in the stars over billions of years ago. Niera had been destined for something greater than that which was planned for her by society’s standards. Within that warm bubbly space, Niera felt something grip hold of her waist; she felt pressure on the centre of her back and around her chest. It was as though someone was giving her a strong embrace, one that both supported her body yet crippled her bones from the inside out. She could not cry out in pain, nor could she let go of the air that was building up inside her lungs. She could not comprehend what was happening to her and nothing was making sense anymore. 

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