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Blank Canvas - Know Your Soul to Discover Your Sole Purpose
Published in Australia
Non-Fiction - Self-Help, Mind, Body and Spirit

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Date of Publication: 08 Apr 2018
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Blank Canvas - Know Your Soul to Discover Your Sole Purpose

Jaclyn Braund

Published by Indie Mosh

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This creation is a product of observing the benefits of understanding and managing emotions, the imagination, and meditation. Awareness and cultivation of inner peace can completely turn a person's life around 180 degrees to bring an abundance of joy, happiness, and Gratitude. 
The book includes 12 chapers and within each chapter is:

  1. Concepts to explore self awareness
  2. Meditation for personal development
  3. Exercise to apply the skills in life
  4. Childrens stories to integrate the new information with friends and family

Chapter One: Intentions Pages 13 - 16

Although Gratitude (the final chapter) is where we really begin, we have to work backwards for now.The point here is that we begin with the point and then reverse engineer until we reach now.This chapter contains a summary of the entire book, a taste of what you can expect to expand on.

Throughout this journey we will be exploring your personal Empirical Evidence, also known as sensory experience. It is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation, experience and experimentation. The term Empirical comes from the Greek word for experience, ἐμπειρία (empeiría).

Empathy is a sensory experience that is practiced in the imagination.Straight up, it is one of the most dangerous things we can feel.I mention this early as it is my intention for you to be aware of the illusion empathy creates. Empathising totally disconnects us from ourselves, our own self awareness and puts us in the impression of what may be another’s experience, a distraction removing us from the present moment of here and now.Socially we are groomed to please, especially emotionally; to suppress how you are feeling in order to consider others.From infancy we are talked out of our emotions and taught how to lie to ourselves.

The blank canvas that we were born with is coloured with many of the tools and experiences from the people that surround us and from those in history.This education saves us a lot of time, preventing us from making the same mistakes and provides a foundation to build upon. If you are able to utilise this skill wisely and apply the ‘learn from other peoples mistakes’ concept then you can move through life with far greater ease and productivity.The use of empathy when focused on how you can improve your life and those around you efficiently is advantageous. The problem occurs when you are immersed so frequently in the experience of others, that you lose sight of your own direction and experience little to none of your own current circumstances.This non-acknowledgment of self is where many find themselves lost, messy and wondering what happened.

In order to discover our own soul and sole purpose we have to clear out the clutter of illusions that are occupying our consciousness. Defining what experiences belong to others and what experiences belongs to you assists in understand that this connection to other people’s suffering is not a sustainable connection.The only sustainable connection is to your true self.

Society has a dis-ease mentality of making relationships based on the ailments we are suffering with. Often we connect to others through times of pain and hardship because we relate to each others problems.This is not a sustainable connection as it is only valid during the time of suffering. When a person breaks free from their problem, the issue of losing connection with friends, family, and others is at risk. So, more often than it should, we hold on to our problems to maintain these connections. When the person is no longer suffering, when healed from the affliction deep within, there is no longer a relate-ability to the group with the same affliction.

Establishing sustainable connections to self, really knowing yourself, and connecting that essence to others who support the opportunity for this spirit to thrive opens the path to really flourish. Really flourish.Without this, a person will become disconnected and alone no matter how many people they have surrounding them, and we all know where that can lead.

The art of being able to shatter the lies and unsustainable connections before they show up, to face the demons before they present themselves is a very interesting journey and is an ancient knowledge nearly all but forgotten. We are not meant to languish or even be average, we are meant to flourish, to thrive in an abundant world. It makes sense that we are seeking abundance in many facets of our lives and feel trapped by any suffering.We feel drawn to love, freedom, clarity, happiness, honesty, peace, grace, creativity, inspiration, joy, harmony, connectedness, compassion and gratitude for a very powerful reason.It is the resonance of the earth’s frequency. It connects us to feel already at home right where we are.It is the ability to tap into the elite power of self-healing.My intention is for you to tap into this unique ability to thrive.

There are many books and a plethora of information on what to do to create a better life for yourself.But not many that give you the ‘how’.

This journey you are about to embark on is focused on just that – How.You can listen to people orate what to do until the cows come home, but if they don’t inform you on ‘how’ then you are not really going to find it easy to motivate yourself into action.Only you can do the ‘how’, not anyone else.For example, if you want to lose weight, then your neighbour running for you is not going to make any changes to your body. You have to do it for yourself.Just as the awareness of not exercising your body leads to its wasting away, this also applies to the imagination.When not exercised, it will gradually decline in effectiveness and degenerate due to underuse or neglect.  We are going on a voyage to expand beyond the limits of social thinking and embark on an ingenious workout that will have your imagination vigorous and fit.

This journey is yours and you will only experience the ‘how’ if you apply the action yourself.The first step is to be gentle on yourself.Just 2% of change per day will end up being 100% of a new experience over 2 months.So be patient with yourself and take this experience gently.

Of course you will have moments where this book will challenge your belief systems and I say hooray!In order to know you are on the right path requires a willingness to have these beliefs, ideas, concepts challenged. And then pleasantly find no fault or hidden caves.This will only serve you to strengthen your faith and empower you further, and absorb every part of you into one complete wholeness.

Chapter Two Exercise and Meditation Pages 52 - 53


The exercise you are about to do, is about obtaining information, the meditation is the contemplation of that information.


1. What area of your life do you lack Clarity? Write it down.

2. What does that feel like to be lacking in Clarity? Write the emotions down.


3. Now, in the context of clarity, observe (meditate) for one minute on each emotion, to become familiar with what is happening inside of you.

4. Bring awareness to the people whom you connect to in relation to these emotions, the people whom you talk about it with.

5. Are you connected to these people in relation to solving the problem or solely discussing it with them.

There is no action to be taken other that the contemplation of these questions for awareness, we will explore more on this in a later chapter.

Do steps 1 – 5 replacing the word clarity with:

  • Freedom

  • Happiness

  • Harmony

  • Love

  • Compassion

  • Grace

  • Inspiration

  • Truth

  • Peace

  • Connection

  • Joy

  • Love.

  • Gratitude

Now it is time for you to discover how to be your own guide.

Chapter Six Story: Mrs SMARTLY and the Blue Didgeridoo


One day my uncle took me to a concert in the mall. It was incredible, I didn’t realise how many people are involved in a concert, or even how many instruments.

I was so inspired that I said to my uncle that I want to play in a concert too.

He said that to be a great artist you have to have a good imagination.

‘Do you know what a SMART Goal is?’ he asked.

I thought I did, so I replied ‘yes, one that is not stupid and ridiculous’

He laughed heartily, ‘well that is a good start, Sebastian’ he said.

My uncle is amazing. He can play so many musical instruments, but I love it most when he plays the didgeridoo.He can just keep going and going and going and it seems like his breath must come in from his ears or something, because he is just always breathing out somehow.

I asked him ‘Uncle, how are you so good at everything that you play?’

He replied ‘I do all things like Mrs SMARTLY.’

‘How do I do things that way?’ I queried

‘The first thing is to remember that you have an imagination!’ he said‘We begin there, and build your intelligence and skill from the place of infinite possibility!’

‘How do I do that?’

‘Like Mrs Smartly does!’ he replied

‘How do I build my intelligence like Mrs Smartly?’

‘I use Mrs Smartly as my role model. She is the very helpful guide that I have in my imagination. The word SMARTLY is an acronym I use to get on the right track!’

I knew I was in for a good lesson. My uncle is so clever and talented, I knew I had to understand every step of this process to be amazing too. ‘What is an acronym?’ I asked

‘Good question mate. It is an abbreviation formed from the letters of a word; like a sentence made from a single word.’

‘So how does Mrs Smartly build intelligence?’

‘S stands for Specific.She asks me a question: ‘What specifically do you believe you want to do, and what do you want to be or to receive or achieve?’ he said as if Mrs Smartly was asking me herself.

‘I want to be really smart and talented like you’ I said cheerfully

‘That is very flattering mate. I appreciate that you see me as a role model to aspire towards. I do have a good life. That is a great choice of yours.’

I smiled gleefully. I know it is a healthy choice. My uncle has a very sensible and fun life. My mum always said ‘Sebastian, if you are going to find a good balance between sensible and sensational then your uncle James would be the one with all the secrets.’

I began to visualise in my imagination all the parts of my uncle’s life that make up how healthy it is. It becomes overwhelming how much work I have to do to get there.As if he can hear my thoughts, he places his hand on my shoulder and says with concern ‘you look a bit overwhelmed mate’ and in truth, I am. ‘Mum told me that you always said to her that if I am to build a strong and healthy life, that my foundations have to be true. Uncle James, can you help me to understand that?’

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