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Lord Gnarl: A Sequel to GnarlContains Adult Content

by Jeff Hopkins
published 30 Nov -0001
added 24 Jul 2019
Fiction: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Chapter 3: A Sketching Test

Chapter 3:
A Sketching Test

Two days after the initiation of the baby, Yarrick, Lord Gnarl summoned the palace portrait painter. He was... keep on reading


My Story Isn't Over

by Natasha Simon
published 04 Jun 2019
added 05 Jul 2019
Non-Fiction: Biography and Autobiography, Mental Health


It is odd that when having a panic attack, I am so worried about dying that I get more worked up, but when I am depressed, I want to die and when I am... keep on reading


Our Time- ATime to Live-A Time to Die Contains Adult Content

by Allan Denny
published 14 Jun 2019
added 17 Jun 2019
Non-Fiction: Biography and Autobiography, Non-Fiction - General

A time to be born

... keep on reading


Spirit Matters, Gateways to Healing and Higher Dimensions

by Connie Howell
published 13 Jun 2019
added 13 Jun 2019
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Spiritual

Chapter one: Being curious

As a young girl I loved to pull things apart just to see what was inside of them. I guess I have always had a curious nature. Eventually that curiosity led... keep on reading


The Homecoming

by Judith C Deane-Freeman
published 10 May 2019
added 18 May 2019
Fiction: Family and Relationships, Chick Lit

Chapter nineteen

Marie wasn’t one bit surprised when Liam confided in her about Simmo’s broken heart.

“Sure, I know he’s carrying a torch... keep on reading


John Julian

by Rod Julian
published 01 May 2019
added 14 May 2019
Non-Fiction: Biography and Autobiography, History

John Julian ii) To Australia - the adventure begins.

During the long voyage one adult died. As was the custom, the body was wrapped in a hammock or sheet, some weights placed inside, and the cloth sewed... keep on reading


The Outbreak of A Monstrous InfectionContains Adult Content

by Dr. Afshan N. Hashmi
published 31 Jan 2019
added 02 May 2019
Fiction: Thriller, Crime

Excerpt 1

In a sprawling bungalow in Potomac, Maryland, USA, lived Dr. Honey Singh, a board-certified internal-medicine and family practice physician, along with his... keep on reading


Queen Mazy And The Magic Honeysuckle Vine

by Dale Norman Walker
published 15 Apr 2019
added 30 Apr 2019
Fiction: Children's Books, Fiction - General


Blank Canvas - Know Your Soul to Discover Your Sole Purpose

by Jaclyn Braund
published 08 Apr 2018
added 02 Apr 2019
Non-Fiction: Self-Help, Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter One: Intentions Pages 13 - 16

Although Gratitude (the final chapter) is where we really begin, we have to work backwards for now.The point here is that we begin with the point and then... keep on reading


Wallaby Bruce

by Chris Fitzgerald
published 18 Mar 2019
added 29 Mar 2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Chapter 1—Bruce Buckley

The sheep started bleating as Bruce opened the door and stepped out back; raising their heads from the lawn, the recently shorn merinos fixed their eyes... keep on reading


Handsome Jack: A whizz-kid's StoryContains Adult Content

by Jeff Hopkins
published 30 Nov -0001
added 15 Mar 2019
Fiction: Fiction - General, Drama

Chapter 2 Breaking In

According to the Racing and Wagering Western Australia agreement, which he and his father had signed, Jack Burton’s four-year jockey’s... keep on reading


Whale Rock

by Diana Plater
published 30 Mar 2019
added 04 Mar 2019
Fiction: Fiction - General, Thriller

Chapter Two excerpt

As Vesna awoke and turned over in the crisp, white sheets, she could hear whistling coming from the bathroom and it dawned on her she wasn’t in her... keep on reading


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