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Ties That BindContains Adult Content

by Karen Buckeridge
published 28 Aug 2018
added 30 Aug 2018
Fiction: Fantasy, New Adult

Chapters 1 and 2


I am not dead–because I cannot die.

These eight words...
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Broken Promises

by Marianne Delaforce
published 30 Nov -0001
added 23 Aug 2018
Fiction: Romance, Family and Relationships

At the age of 15, Rose realised her life was going to be very different to the dreams she had once held for her future. She would not live... keep on reading


For The Devil Has Come With Great Wrath

by Emma Plant
published 31 Aug 2016
added 10 Aug 2018
Fiction: Fiction - General, Fantasy

Chapter One

The wind was blowing strong around the house, sending all the yellow leaves against the walls. I was hypnotized by the dance, so powerful and apparently... keep on reading


RevokedContains Adult Content

by MK Pachan
published 28 Dec 2017
added 29 Jul 2018
Fiction: Mystery, Crime

Chapter One

Detective Sergeant Cam Clay took a deep breath and exhaled through a clenched jaw. It was hot for April, and he felt the heat of the... keep on reading


Guardian Angel

by Anne Rouen
published 14 Feb 2018
added 25 Jul 2018
Fiction: Historical Fiction, Romance


2 June 1930

Armand Delaine sat in the baroque magnificence of the Opéra Magique on the eve of his departure for New York,... keep on reading


Local Rag Hero

by Les Pobjie
published 18 Jun 2018
added 07 Jul 2018
Fiction: Comedy, Crime


In the kitchen of his unit, the big man ran his fingers along the smooth brown curves. Gently, they rounded a wide, firm area then slid along the dark... keep on reading


A Penny for Your Thoughts

by Sherrill S. Cannon
published 30 Nov -0001
added 01 May 2018
Fiction: Fiction - General, Young Adult

From the Back Cover


In the depths of my winter

I heard a small bird -

Braving the cold,

Bringing the word.

He gave my... keep on reading


The Golden Rule

by Sherrill S. Cannon
published 16 Mar 0002
added 01 May 2018
Fiction: Children's Books, Anthologies and Collections

Opening Lines

“We need to start looking for something that’s great,”

Said Robert, while talking to his sister, Kait.

“For... keep on reading


My Little Angel

by Sherrill S. Cannon
published 30 Nov -0001
added 01 May 2018
Fiction: Children's Books, Anthologies and Collections


Angela sits on my shoulder and glows—

Whatever I do or think, Angela knows . . .

She’s my little angel; she guards me, you... keep on reading


The Boxer My Journey to Lifelong Health and Fitness

by Ron Smith
published 30 Nov -0001
added 01 May 2018
Fiction: Anthologies and Collections, Anthologies and Collections

When I was in my twenties and thirties, I used to say that if I ever went to jail I would write my memoir. Thankfully, I never went to jail and I’m... keep on reading


Mother Nature Reincarnated

by Robyn L. Taylor
published 17 Apr 2018
added 28 Apr 2018
Fiction: Fantasy, Fiction - General

Small extraction from Chapter One Tasmanian tiger: Last captive one died at Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, 1936. Extinct.

NIERA held on to her lunch quite strongly as they cruised along the freeway into the city. Her stomach was throwing flips inside that caused her to swallow... keep on reading


How William Shakespeare and Emilia Bassano-Lanier Invented Romantic Love

by Paul Kauffman
published 03 Apr 2018
added 06 Apr 2018
Non-Fiction: Literary Collections, History

Foreword by Dr Mark O’Connor, the Olympic poet

“They precariously circled an abyss around a deep complex civilisation”.

Many historical documents... keep on reading


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