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Living Without Justice: Overcoming Sexual AbuseContains Adult Content

by Paul Richards
published 30 Nov -0001
added 23 Jan 2018
Non-Fiction: Biography and Autobiography, Family and Relationships


Being asked to write a foreword relating to Paul’s inspirational journey is humbling, to say the least.

Working in criminal investigations... keep on reading


The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side

by Karen A. Anderson
published 08 Nov 2017
added 12 Jan 2018
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Inspirational

Chapter 1 -Nowhere Else They Would Rather Be

It was getting late, and Bandit nestled into his favorite spot on the corner of the bed. With sleepy eyes, the large cat watched his human mom turn down the... keep on reading


A Place South of Paradise

by John Douglas Gwyn
published 30 Nov 2016
added 14 Dec 2017
Fiction: Fantasy, Young Adult

Part 1

Although his mother Lincel had sent him to bed early, Adan had slept little during the night.  The sounds of battle, terrifying and moving menacingly... keep on reading


The Resurrection Stones

by G J Busiko
published 30 Nov 2017
added 12 Dec 2017
Fiction: Science Fiction, Fiction - General

Chapter One

It was still dark outside when the Abbott awoke with a start. Something wasn’t right, he could feel it. Every morning he rose before sun rise so that... keep on reading


The Price of EdenContains Adult Content

by John Douglas Gwyn
published 30 Nov 2016
added 05 Dec 2017
Fiction: Thriller, Suspense


The young woman watched in disbelieving horror, the carnage that was taking place outside the small hut in which she and her patient were sheltering. ... keep on reading


Karma Drama: Reincarnation and Re-setting your Karma

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 01 Jan 2017
added 04 Dec 2017
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections

CHAPTER I Updates on my psycho-spiritual experiences etc, completing book series

We all have our anxieties etc, maybe influenced from past life memory. Whilst completing my last book (East–West Paranormality: Miracle... keep on reading


The Hereafter and Supernatural: How YOU too can Paranormally Research the Afterlife, Past, Present, Future, ‘Now-consciousness’, Spiritual gifts, Transcendence and more

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 14 Dec 2015
added 04 Dec 2017
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections


My initial Afterlife book took in my early days and psycho-spiritual experiences, biographically, around the UK, NZ, and Australia, plus my many astral and... keep on reading


East-West Paranormality: Miracle experiences, yogins and adepts, psychics and spiritualists worldwide

by Dr Stuart R. Rolls, PhD
published 01 Jan 2017
added 29 Nov 2017
Non-Fiction: Mind, Body and Spirit, Anthologies and Collections

CHAPTER I: Paramhansa and author’s early psychic experiences compared East–West

Paramhansa Yogananda wasn’t his original birth name or later full title. It was Mukunda Lal Ghosh, born of a rather large family like myself. He,... keep on reading


The Orphan Law

by Samantha Stevenson
published 24 Nov 2017
added 24 Nov 2017
Fiction: Young Adult, Law and Politics


‘Goodnight, Daddy.’ Heather hugged her father tightly. He was sitting on the edge of her bed and she was on his lap. ‘I love... keep on reading


Stress Less Live More

by David Schaeffer
published 01 Nov 2017
added 14 Nov 2017
Non-Fiction: Self-Help, Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter One: The Irresistible Challenge

Life without stress would be a very boring affair indeed. Most of us are nervously excited when confronted with an adventure that has a scary side to... keep on reading


Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves

by Dr Mahdi Mason
published 21 Sep 2017
added 07 Nov 2017
Non-Fiction: Nature and Environment, Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter 1

The term ‘Earth healing’ may sound like some sort of ‘out there’ alternative practice, but the truth is, it is for all people. You... keep on reading



by Liam Higham
published 01 Feb 2017
added 06 Nov 2017
Fiction: Comedy, Humor

The two men entered the room, almost reverently. Cigar smoke swirled up and hung lazily in the air. Obviously, the source of said smoke was a lit cigar,... keep on reading


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