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Purpose has been designed as a marketing tool for authors and publishers to promote their books more easily.

Authors and Publishers

  1. To list a book on one, you must hold the legal right to market the book in that way. We accept no liability if you list a book to which you have no rights. If you have been published through a publishing company or literary agent, you should check with them first prior to listing your book.
  2. Only books which have been written or published by you are allowed to be listed.
  3. Only one listing per book is allowed.
  4. Your book should not be listed until it is available for sale.
  5. For the time being, is open for books written in the English language only. This may change in the future, please check back.
  6. You should aim to list at least 1,000 words from your book, up to a preferred maximum of 10,000 words.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure that all links to external sites are correct and working at the time of listing.
  8. reserve the right to cancel listings for books which we deem inappropriate. For example, publications which promote racism, violence, child pornography, illegal acts, etc will not be promoted. Please note that publications which discuss racism, violence, child pornography, illegal acts etc or use them as part of a story line in a fiction setting will not necessarily be delisted. Only those items which actively set out to promote such acts will be delisted.
  9. In the event of us being made aware that an item should be considered for delisting, we will attempt to contact the listing owner first for amendment to the listing or explanation.
  10. If we are unable to reach the listing owner, then any delisting will take place based on the information available to us at the time.
  11. Should we cancel your listing, you will be given the option to explain why the cancellation should be reversed.
  12. If we accept your explanation or amendment, the delisting will be reversed.
  13. If we delist an item you will not be entitled to a refund. You should ensure that your item will not attract delisting before uploading it. If you are unsure, please contact us first.
  14. Listings should use ‘clean’ hyperlinks, not affiliate links.
  15. The fee for listing a book on is $49.95 for a lifetime listing.
  16. The fee will need to be paid using a valid credit card or PayPal account.
  17. There is no annual charge, and no other charges, just a one-off initial charge per book.
  18. You may delete your listing at any time but no refunds are available. Should you wish to re-list your book, you will need to pay again.
  19. Once a year we will email you to check your listing and update any hyperlinks and retail channels. However, it is your responsibility to maintain a current email address attached to your account so that we can contact you. If we are unable to verify ownership of the listing, your book(s) will risk being delisted.


  1. is not a book review site - it is a marketing site. Listing of a book on this site does not indicate worthiness or value. Furthermore, as books go live immediately after payment, you may come across a book we have not yet had the chance to delist as inappropriate. If this is the case, please use the 'Report this book' function to alert us to offensive content.
  2. As this is not a review site, there are no places for you to comment. If you wish to recommend or otherwise discuss a book listed on this site, please use the social media links to discuss the book on those forums, or other forum or forums of your choosing.
  3. Although diligent, does not take responsibility for listing items which may cause offence to others. While we will take reasonable care to ensure that items we deem offensive are not listed, this does not mean that no one will be offended. Please understand that writing is art and not everyone likes the same thing.
  4. If you become aware of a listing which we would deem inappropriate, please use the ‘Report this book’ facility at the top of the book’s listing page.
  5. Just because you deem a book inappropriate doesn’t necessarily mean we will. We reserve the right not to delist a book. If we decide not to delist a book, we will let you know why we made that decision.
  6. Hyperlinks to purchase and external marketing sites are the responsibility of the person listing the book.

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